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BNO Moves Into September + # 133 at Mickeys on Willie Street!

Lot’s of Youth there!

Amber was GREAT

New BEE Craig Willie

Two CUBS fans??

New BEE Craig Willie and Old guys

Man we had a great time and lots of fun as usual!  #15 guys attended and the service was great!  Amber was fantastic with her tablet!


SCORE WAS :  #8.65 that was up from #8.45 in 9/11/2009

Yes we were there a way long time ago!



Two Newbees attended Sterling Knoche and Craig Willie!  Craig sang the BNO time PERFECTLY!


Next Month it’s Bear and Bottle   October 11th  6:00pm

Ale Asylum hosts the #130!

WOW such good beers and some super service too!  That Glenn sure can throw a party!

The SCORE was:  #  8.25






BNO number #124! BNO Bob had a birthday song sung to him!
 It got a #7.4 with #22 guys!  TAYLOR served us all!

We collected $ 357.00 dollars :  BNO Total for

2017 drum role please $1,659. for 2017!

We are ready for 2018!  NEXT BNO is Jan 11th NOT THE 18th.  X max party at MONKS on the 18th.


Paul Reck has a problem indicating we are number ONE! 🙂

Guys had a tour and are in the moment!

Larry Da Limo Man siting with the BNO Body Guard and accounting guy: Peter Anderson!

BNO discusses Exact Sciences and the discussion gets SHITTY!

Thank God Brian Parks looked away and saved my camera phone from being cracked!



NOTHING like a BNO in the dead of Winter! Great time lots of beer drank and of course the Biggy went out to: BP. Brian Parks!

Athens had a lot of MEN ordering the GYRO. #8.61 and #19 guys. Newbee Dave Walker was the LOW SCORE and Paul Bishop coming off a ten at OLLIES”s the High score!

We ordered from the Bar from Logan, Tom and Sarah, they did such a great job!


Thats 6pm at Oak-stone just down from BB Jacks where we will be in JULY

Anyone interested in saying they are IN for April 20th, great.

Big request from Athens, I failed to take all the picture of the guys. Do you that came have some you can share?

$200.00 into second harvest put us up to $707.00 for the year! Great job guys. Glenn Karlov spearheaded a group of us and we volunteered at Second Harvest, it was rewarding! Bob Lucas slowed us all down/SLACKER!

BNO hits #183 with OLLIES!

Well they are removing BNO bob from figuring out the amount due for the FOOD bill since he messed that up, and sorry to say I also added up the scores incorrectly adding a high #9 at the end, Ollies hit a HIGH of 9.11. Sorry a human mistake by the LEADER!

#15 guys made it and we made everyone pay $40 each until Scully finally woke up and put in his share!

$265.00 for Second Harvest :)! That’s adding to our current balance of $242.00! New total is $507 in the Kitty!

A few guys are doing Second Harvest Volunteering 3/14 TOO!

Net month, Athens Grill in Westport. 3/16 at 6PM

Special note that we had such great service at Ollies and. perfect score of a #10 from a BNO MAN! Lo’s of high scores, lowest was an #8.5, the High a #10! (#118.35 total points)

Great photographs, Hope Bob Lucas’ blood pressure comes back down to earth!

BNO did it #182 at The Prost

BNO Hits the The German Place. (PROST)

#17 guys chalk up a score of #8.87 total points #139.10. Owner Brian was SUPER
Matteo bartender a perfect #10 and we had Maise 👩 our waitress did a lovely job~

John Pike accepted the rejected biggy award that was initially slated to “That Cracker Jack Paul R”. That bottle of flavored butter creme was not too good says John Pike!

A week from today we hit a place we went to in September 13th of 2011. “THE CAPITAL TAP HOUSE. Four guys gave it a #9.15 score! 🍔. We are back Thursday 2/23 to A DIFFERENT NAME SAME PLACE AS CAP TAP HOUSE~ 107 State Street! (6pm). Don’t bee late!

I am coming even though I just had quadruple by pass heart surgery! Might have a salad instead of fries guys! Looking forward to seeing you all! I have a list of guys that responded to me and hope I got it right? That comes in a separate email.

In March~ Athens Grill in Westport. On 3/16 at 6pm

BNO Did it the #181st visit is in the books! Echo Tap and Grill was Great!



BNO bob had the 2023 schedules completed! A fun night and

Chris from Second Harvest told us that 12/14 was matching day. He did a grand job addressing some rowdy BNO guys!

According to Chris and Anna🧡 and Jo💙 at Second Harvest, our $3,500 gives a total of #8,750 meals, thats #2,916 days at #3 meals a day. Sustains a family of #4= #729 days at three meals a day. WAY TO GO BNO MEN!

Echo notched a score of #8.45 with Brock being almost Superhuman with customer service!

No Captions this time, they don’t line up so Pictures are worth a thousand words!

Lot’s of finger pointing however!

Jan. marks our #18th year with BNO and is going to be at PROST Jan 12th, 6pm bee🐝 there!

BNO BOB 608-843-4584. bobbybear72@att.net. (In case you want to communicate to me directly and not include all the other blokes!)

BNO climbs to #180 Visits with the Green Lantern in McFarland!

Fabulous night 11-17 with Kayla serving #17 of us and we even had the famous BING BING BING Tom Binger (Owner) El Rancho Supermarket from circa years ago:

$177.00 collected for Second Harvest, Newbee Jerry Anderson sang the BNO secret song, Raffle winners Dave F, Dave N, Jim A, John Pike, thanks Tom Willie for bottles alcohol!

Net month end of the year is Echo Tap a Wednesday Night not Thursday….12/07. at 6pm! Make a note: 🎼

MIDTOWN PUB and BNO hits # 179.

A ruff start to this place, we had our well planned visit almost thwarted by a slip up and the place cancelling us! We had our guys scout out our own tables. Turned out pretty GOOD!

Mid Town did a good job with their burger, SCORE #8.84, $178 added to second harvest, had two very lovely ladies learn of our quest, Sara and Dawn: Very easy on the eyes and……They each put in $10 bucks to Second Harvest: HOW ABOUT THAT~ They made up for the confusion at Mid Town.

Sara and Dawn told us of a new place too- in Windsor!

November it’s: The Green Lantern 11/17 at 6pm

Tom Binger and Georgia ! 💃
Sara on the left and Dawn on the right! Special guests~
Thats Erik R hiding behind Kevin and Glenn looks like he needs a vacation!
Erik’s happy Im spelling his name right! Jim Adney plays lead guitar for the Moody Blues!
Two incredible salesmen!
Captan Cash and the Glenn #1!
The three Musketeers, Charlie almost took over for Paul Christ!
Al Parker looking dapper and Paul T mad at me / for making him add up scores!

BNO Bob is working hard on 2023’s schedule!🗓.

BNO Bob 608-843-4584. bobbybear72@att.net

Burger Night Out hits# #178 at DLUX

What a great time with #15 GUYS! FINAL SCORE: #9.33!!!!!!

WOW-WOW. $34/Guy and pretty Emma served us smiles and incredibly tender burgers.

The DLUX establishment moved up #8 spots to number three on the top #15 list.

J.D. Gardner /MGR. did not disappoint the BNO enthusiasts! Lots of good pictures, Kevin Pomeroy netted “the BIGGIE” wine bottle.

We hit $147 in the Second Harvest collections and now have $2,535 dollars for our calendar year donation. So Kool!

Thanks Fellas: Paul Tisdel (Did I spell that right????) took pictures and did the math scores, Page Buchanon also took pictures for us since I left my phone in the car and helped me count money! Thanks Guys!

NEXT MONTH AT MIDTOWN PUB IS A CAP OF ONLY #20 GUYS, I will send out alert again later this month!

Pretty Darn GREAT!

BNO goes to new heights @ Camp Trippalindee!

Stop # 177! Cool view, Thank you Tyler (D.O.S.)! HOWEVER: This place is a college hangout, we had paper plates, not so good service from staff, $32/guy, ketchup and mustard in packets, basically had to get out own beers at the bar. Burgers were disappointing….Way back in 2016 on May 5th we had a great time with #15 guys and a score of 8.86! Interesting we had the same number of guys #6 years later but a score of #6.83. The BNO Group deserved better!

The highs of the evening was celebrating Peter Balestracci birthday! 🎂And doing so at the Memorial Union with fun BNO Team members!🍻!

Guess the BNO Group has had some good luck with great places, great beer, and every once in a while we hit the bottom of a curve! Whats coming?????

DLUX is NUMBER #11 on our top #15 list and we were there in December of 2006 with a #9.08 score. Pressure is on! This Thursday. September 8th. at 6pm.

Second Harvest money continues to grow, having met our goal of $2022 dollars, we are sitting at $2,388 bucks!

Our Second Harvest guy Chris contacted me: We decided to keep the contribution to a calendar year and give in December, we get our match and are shooting for a bonus to qualify for Mike’s Miracle Minute and do the donation with “Share Your Holidays”. In December, We should invite John Stofflet our BNO interviewer from Channel #15?

September 9/8 DLUX, October 6th Midtown Pub, November 17th The Green Lantern and December 08th at Echo Tap and Grill!

Lots of anticipation

What a view
Our server Caleb was M.I. A.
Some Thirsty selfies
Great Sights!
BNO Boys and ONE Eye Jim Sniff. Dave Nep in the bathroom!

Burger Night Out #176 AT: North South

BIGGIE WINNER: Paul Bishop! Great service, fantastic brisket and burger although it fooled Glenn Schultz,

Get this………. CAN DO “Ken Super Manager and Justin the Big Wig Manager” slipped the BNO Boys a $100.00 donation! We netted a grand total of $265.00 that 7/28. What a cool thing they did!

Thank you Ken and North South!!!!! We hit our goal of $2,022. New amount is:

#2,268 bucks and Chris Z of Second Harvest says in September we can possible get a match of money already collected!🤩. 🏆.

#14 guys and a score of #8.65 made BNO stop:# 176 a big homerun!

Our Server “Okeve” did a fantastic job!

Next month is 8/18 downtown at Camp Triple Lindee! 6 pm

Bob Lucas had a #68th Birthday too!
Great outdoor night for Beer, Birthday, Burgers, and Lying!

Pete was shocked on his Brisket/Burger combo!

B.N.O. makes a splash with the #175 TH!

Of course we were at Blackhawk Country Club, marking our tenth consecutive year there!

#28 guys made history, BNO Bob had Chef Casey there at BCC make a “memorable CAKE” and $453.00 was collected for Second Harvest! Thank You Jeff B and Dan C for tabulating scores and figuring out the total bill: Not too shabby $30.00 per guy!

We have a new running total of $1,973 BNO Bucks and word from Chris Z. (our very own Second Harvest Contact) ~ that is a BNO member: He pays his dues $$$$$ on time Bob Lucas!!!!!!!

We Could/Can make a donation in September that can be matched.

TOTAL SCORE WAS #9.17 BEATING THEIR PREVIOUS YEARS TALLY OF #9.164 * One year ago! And such wonderful Customer Service from Our contact there: Kelly she’s a PRO!

Lot’s of high scores: We had two newbees, Paul Reckwerdt’s son: Sean from New York otherwise known as “Sparkle SHANAM” and Jim Adney’s had a contractor friend (John Benson) he could not pay his entire wages, so he said let me buy you a burger, beer and fries and allow you to network and get #27 referrals! *Smooth move JimO!

Another BNO yet this month at North South 7/28 6 pm!

DOUBLE D Dan Dieter