Rate The Beef!

Packed House at R.P. Adler’s

Holy Cow, men!  We had a grand turn out at Adler’s.  Four newbies Tom W , Dan D, Larry E, & Kolby (pictured below with his BBQ burger) helped step up our attendance to a near record setting 14.

Our servers were great, Shelene and Fast Eddy!

We all had a great time awaiting Spring and Scott Walker to get with the program! Our NEW attendees had fun squeaking the burger, not realizing that each toot costs them $48.00 bucks.  Larry Epstein and Dan Dieter had 4 squeaks each…$192 due!

• We heard a lot of guys lying tonight and telling tall tales as the beer soaked into their brain waves.
• Brian Parks clearly showed some barley and malt exhalations (expirations)!
• Bacon from Cudahy, WI and talk about doing this next month.
• A couple of Trader Joe’s Staff (old and new)  were pushing BNO men to shop at the store!

Guess we all made it clear!  Rated that beef and drank some beer!

Final Score: 8.10

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