Rate The Beef!

Paul’s Neighborhood Bar

Some underlying themes going on last time:
BNO Founder Bob Phillips under many verbal attacks from K.C. Lerner, Brian Parks, Kettle Bell Kevin and I think Larry the Limo Guy-even threw a few barbs and needles at BNO Bob.  Dan Roehre, where are you to protect me? 

Chuck Kamp was the only one ON MY SIDE!  I Love you Chuck!
Smack & double smack spoken of course what goes on at BNO stays in the BNO circle:
Brian Parks once again was out of control, but garnered many laughs. Just look at the man!
Paul’s Neighborhood bar was a nice place, good beer, clean, decent cost of things, but the burgers were not cooked to the tastes of our……GROUP~ ~ !

Score given with # 7 BNO members present.   6.756 😦  

This Month the OLD FASHIONED!!!!!  MAY 19th Thursday  Email me if you are coming!

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