Rate The Beef!

Tully’s II

Gents another notch in our belts.  Tully’s II our 44th logs in with a #7.86.  Sam the waitress was impressed with our group.  Who wouldn’t be?!  Nice that we had 4 round tops and could face one another and see if the beer was really going into our mouths!

Thank you Craig Hayes of Tully’s Two..

Two things to mention:  ONE we are planning our September outing for a BBQ (To Be Determined Where and When)
So scratch off that Sept 22nd Dry Bean visit-we are planning our annual BBQ- more info to follow soon.
TWO  I have $70.00 for either a gift cert for our BBQ host or for beer for the BBQ party!
Money from guys that all paid too much at Tully’s!!!!

Final Score: 7.86

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