Rate The Beef!

The Draft House took darn near perfect care of us!

We had three new guys, John Killinger, Dan Consigny, and Howard Crook join us and we had #11 total guys! Great service, pretty good burgers and Holly our waitress knocked herself out with smiles and plenty of beer suds.   A high score of #9.1 and a low of #6.0.  Always a great job by everyone…..#51 places strong now!

Larry the Limo guy flaked out…Brain Parks got mad because I was suppose to dress up like Elton John, but Tony “the hit man” Gray finally came back after doing many jobs for the FAMILY and we are glad he is on our side.

Hey Jeff Korenic-The Brothers Three Place is Handicap Accessible for your beer drinking right arm?????

Final score:  #7.93

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