Rate The Beef!

Where’s Wando’s….? In 7th place.

Wow and you all thought we were drinking Wando Fish Bowl concoctions! No some Gumballhead, Spotted Cow and Capital Amber.   We were  nursed nicely by Nikki and we needed a nice score and knew we were knuckleheads, but burgers can can be needy so we nestled our necks and thought we were being given noodles and nachos, but none the less-we got excellent burgers that were the nectar of the Night!  Neat huh?

An #8.6 overall score and they moved into 7th place- narrowly!

Stay tuned for next month. We might change our start time to a half hour ahead of time, to be sure to get any Packer fans home in time for a kickoff against:  Da Bears at 7:20pm.  Stay tuned for more details.  BNO Bob Out~

Final Score: 8.6

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