Rate The Beef!

Fieler’s sans BNO Bob

photoBNO Bob went to Palo Alto, CA to the Dutch Goose in Menlo Park for his burger for spring break.  Meanwhile back in Mad Town, 10 brave men wandered into Fielers for a March 28th rating of 8.13.  Brian had a tuff time with Winter predictions and refused to be in the picture that Brian Stain “Scotty Miller snapped!”  Jonathon told Scott 105.5 MMM is better than 94.9 and marked his burger a 1/2 point higher!  Ah competition

Many thanks to Gerry Boris for taking role and scores while BNO Bob missed his first ever Burger Nite!  Heck Brett Favre had to break his consecutive games played too.  Mine went to #63!

Good times and great beer.

See you April 18th next month at Namios near PD and Seminole in Fitchburg!

Overall an 8.13 score.


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