Rate The Beef!

Tale of the Buns

Blackhawk BNO_11Blackhawk BNO_13 June 13th found us at the Blackhawk country club where thirteen guys brought in a RARE treat.  Chef Todd and servers Lara and Vladimir allowed spoiled us rotten!  Our Dan Dieter connection generated more clout than just a mere Burger Club, we were royalty!  We even had special labels and the marque announced us as we came in the place!  The BCC rocked IT!

Overall an 8.710 score.

One week later, we visited Monkeyshines were a legend (Don Gill) made a living hustling pool and taking money from any dog owners in Nakoma! The Dog Mafia I think.  Chef John and server Laura made a huge  hit with us notching visitation number #68.  Wow!Burger night 5-16-13 C Burger night 5-16-13 E Burger night 5-16-13 L

Now the BNO men are bucking to have two places a month!  I swear a little extra beef in their diets and good beer and they turn into raving BNO A- holics!

Next month is July 18th @ The Argus. BNO Men are clamoring for a Memorial Union Terrace run.

Stay tuned for further developments and remember to always make it clear:  Your windshield, cash in your wallet, a smile on your face, do 2-3 good deeds a day and rate the beef and drink the beer!

Get this*****A suggestion form Dieter Dan, bring a few extra bucks and let’s start a collection for a donation for a charity TBD…We can and will make a difference rating Burgers and reshape the world!

BNO Bob~

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