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The 75th BNO Stop!

The 75th was a grand time.  We had the back room at Johnny Del Monico’s. Lana (Beautiful Manager there), assisted us and #24 guys made it to the year end big party!  Incredible service, lots of TLC.  Johnny’s obtained a score of #8.95!  They moved into 4th place edging out their neighbor across the street The Merchant!!!!  Thank you Ron for taking the pictures and thank all of you for making the effort to support such a great hobby (Hamburgers)!

I made a stop at the bank that night and had a cashiers check made out to Second Harvest Food Bank.  We made a donation of $178.00 dollars!  You can see the attachment of the check!  We now need to set the bar higher and see if we can go beyond that mark for this year!  Goals fellas GOALS~

There were Posters, a recap of scorings, BNO Dan Roehre was there, No Doug Moe, but lot’s of fun and a little too many expensive hard liquor drinks.  *Watch that guys, ya might need to pour in some extra bling next time!

I also had three quarters taped under the butter dishes, to give back some money to the BNO boys!  (Get it three quarters #75 stops.)  See picture above

ALSO/Bonus is the BNO T-Shirt, and I will need to get sizes. The cost will be $25.00 per shirt.

Final score of #8.95

Johnny Delmonicos_14 Johnny Delmonicos46 Johnny Delmonicos_38 Johnny Delmonicos_26 Johnny Delmonicos_25 Johnny Delmonico's_16 Johnny Delmonico's_5

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