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The RIGBY hits a Home run upstairs

nh_wWFn2YOMcz1FJ6DuWUBDLoLpNOsNXI4JP_zXB-XI hxDTKhBGnotMt0UFaqLxfOUOIjQCpBTYzaPcu0gBFYk,tE1lGxwbWWEDpO-AUPcMHSEOlob4jZop2rzL_r18ptQBNO – it happened  4-17-2014  our #78 th STOP


Again, another great place and superb service. Courtney (our waitress),  only a couple weeks in being waitress, fooled us all with her top notch service!

The Rigby scored a : 8.3

#17 BNO Men attended and we added $32 dollars to our Second Harvest slush fund! We now have $122.00. YES!


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