Rate The Beef!

Number 80 in the books! Callahan’s Sport Pub *6/5/14

menuBNO Men~ On Thursday #14 BNO guys braved the miserable Madison traffic and made their way to Callahan’s Sport Pub!

Can you believe it they had #12 burgers on their menu and an additional SPECIAL! #13 burgers to choose from.
Owners (Kelly and son Mike) treated us royally!   ♠

But our shining star was Gina our waitress! She was great.sign
Callahan’s netted an 8.44! “Not too shabby”
Beer was good and we talked about:


  • June 19 @ Blackhawk Country Club
  • July 10TH at Ron Curran’s house- Bring money
  • July24 TH at Gates and Brovi

$70 dollars came roaring in for second harvest.  We were at $154 + $70 Charlie = $224.00 big ones!


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