Rate The Beef!

Blackhawk DOWN! #81 Blackhawk Country Club!

One June 19th, BNO Burger Club had a fantastic choice of #3 burgers:  Sal’s Magnifico  Blackened Bleu Burger and Build your Best Deluxe!securedownload-3

#20 guys had some great service from three brave servers.  The BHCC tallied a whopping big score too!  8.904   securedownload-7

This makes a new order placement:

 1  Capital Tap House 9.15   2 Lilian’s 9.09   3 D-Lux 9.08 

4  Johnny Delmonaco’s 8.95        5 BHCC Blackhawk Country Club 8.904  

 6 The Merchant 8.8

  7 The Tipsy Cow 8.81    8 The Alchemy 8.79  

9 Amy’s Cafe 8.78             10 Babes 8.6   High score # a perfect #10 from Once a year Steve! Two # 9.95’s and a low of #7.5!

Great job guys- we had two BNO stops in June and now we are moving towards two in July:  July 10th at my house:   5:30 PM early Start time!


4025 Hiawatha Drive in Nakoma (corner of Yuma and Hiawatha).  Then later in July we make a stop at the old Parman gas station sight:  Gates and Brovi on July 24th!securedownload-5


Time to buy a new calendar and get ready for the summer months!  Peter Anderson has made three different beers for us to sample at my home!  Bring you T Shirts and a little less cash than Blackhawk Country Club! $$$$$$$$$
 Let me make it Clear, once a month we rate the beef and drink Peter’s Beef!  BNO Bob
Contact BNOBob use…..  bobbybear72@att.net    or call me @ 843-4584July 10th  In     or     Out? 

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