Rate The Beef!

JULY 10th BNO at BNO Bob’s WOW WOW

BNO Fact or  BNO Fiction:

#21 guys all gave Bob a perfect #10,
#21 guys attended or just #4,
A Great time was had by all, or the majority if us were in a mood because Brian Parks no showed again,
Perfect Three Beers or Bears from the BNO Brew Master Peter Anderson, IPA American Ale or the Honey Porter??
Jim Sampson is a savant, Jim guessed the accumulative ages of all that were there and won the trip to Cabo San Lucas with complimentary wine,
Very little other alcoholic choices, thanks for nothing PHILLIPS,
Dancing girls that were ~Pole dancing and ping ponging in the basement, Charlie had the most lap dances,
Apple wood bacon,
Cheese curds,
Super Strawberry margaritas,

Capital Times rated 15 spots and BNO has been to #11 of them?

2015 BNO Schedule revealed?

Hot Tubing???


Great gathering men! Thanks for the buy in   $20 /BNO man! Also raised another $60 dollars for the Second Harvest Food Bank!  We have $339.00 big ones, BNO Bank is being asked by F.D.I.C. to conglomerate and compound assets!


Time to start thinking about July 24th at Gates and Brovi!

Are we ready for BNO Number #83?
July 24th at Gates and Brovi: Time to check calendar and chime in only if you can come. Rick Viestra- that is only if you can come– No need to tell us you’re vacationing like KC Lerner always tells us!

Wanna buy some cheap Ford/Lincoln PARTS?  securedownload-8



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