Rate The Beef!

BNO on the Alert AGAIN! Number #85

BNO is looming again:

This Thursday 9/18/14

Brasserie V 1923 Monroe Street:  ¨  BNO individuals that have responded:  ME, Mark Cantrell, Brian Parks, Paul Tis, Tim Higgins, Jim Sampson and Jim Adney.  Get on the fast track   ⇒ & live the BNO High Life.  Space is tight so chime in ONLY if you are coming!


Brews Brothers August 28 scored a 7.91.  Kayleigh and Manager KrisAnne placed us in the patio and it looked like rain was coming but never did.  Good beers, pitchers of beer mysteriously left the premises!  Good time had by all.

New Second Harvest total $54 bucks piled on and we now have $$423 in our slush fund.  GREAT JOB GUYS!

SCHEDULE:  2014 √ ¥

I mentioned The Free House October 15, then Sardines 11-6 and now a new change:  The Side Door Grill below SAMBA 12-11! That one replaces Smokey’s.  Good detective work by PT109 Paul Tisdale!  Thanks buddy!

BNO Bob says questions call me 843-4584.  Or email me at bobbybear72@att.net

C -YA!


CQ! gets the photo NOD!



What did you say NO Pitchers??


Once a Month let’s make it clear, rate the beef and drink the BEER!


BNO Boys always have a great time~


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