Rate The Beef!

WOW- Number #86 coming up at The Free House in Middleton!


Cool Guys!


Three Paul’s TOO Many


This is gonna bee expensive $$$$$$


Rocking Ron and Marathon Drive Man!


Really Bob took our order??

Our #85th was at Brasserie V on Monroe Street. They netted an #8.09!   Good brews & the burger scoring was like a Xylophone!

Up then Down!  Maybe that was that was the stock market!  A total of #17 BNO men came AND YET ANOTHER BNO BOB BIRTHDAY!!!   KC got to the staff early this time, I had (frites) to share.     What a cruel way to obtain a free serving of hor’dervres!

Pictures were good ones from Rocking Ron and Manny!

Next Month is not Nau Ti Gal it’s * The Free House in Middleton! Please note :  OCTOBER 16 th and feel free to email me – Yes  if you are coming. If you cannot make it,  you do not need to respond!

bobbybear72@att.net                               Once a month let’s make it clear, rate the beef and drink the beer”!!!  ⇔


KC does it again, Bob turns yet another year older, AGAIN!


If I am Elected Radio Mayor of the WORLD, ~we will all only work 4 days a week! Burger and Fries every Thursday & they are FREE!


“Jim , you know Bob is a really cool guy right?”


KC “Do you realize Bob has only ONE Birthday Day in the month he was born?”

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