Rate The Beef!

#86 Burger spots visited, thats Rare!

BNO Last two stops for 2014 :

# 88 November 6th-Sardine, not SARDINES!  

#  89 December  11 –  The Side Door Grille *below Sambas!

WOW-  we even get BNO guys to visit stops the day of- on their lunch hour & rate the place!  Peter Anderson found a way!

The FREE HOUSE moved into 6th place bumping the Merchant down a notch with a #8.88 score.  Waitress Amy hit a home run with her service and fun was had by all!

Kevin Williams brought in squirrel meat samples, A New $high for Second Harvest with $491.00 in the BNO Kitty! We had a couple BNO old timers that had not been in a long time:  Frank, & Rick V!  Brian Parks was actually in control of his faculties!  Great job tabulating by Charlie Q #1!⇔

Next up Sardine and Paul Tisdale corrects me with no S on that moniker!  (SARDINES) Is politically incorrect!


Sardine Nov 6th Thursday at 6pm.  Parking can be tricky!  Early is always healthy.  Email if you are coming please?:

USE:     bobbybear72@att.net

Susan Schuller said in an October email:   Hello Bob,

The burgers Sardine has on its menu are:  SARDINE BURGER grass-fed Angus beef, fig and caramelized onion jam, aïoli, gorgonzola, arugula, served with mixed greens and frites (Great just after Halloween)  $12

HOUSE BURGER grass-fed Angus beef, aïoli, red onion, tomato, Bibb lettuce, choice of gruyere, sharp cheddar or gorgonzola served with mixed greens and frites $11


Free for all at the Free House!



Charlie tries to get out of paying



Let’s chug a pitcher!


Kevin is Back selling squirrel meat!




Bob I promise I’ll never miss another BNO!


YOU Funny Marks missed The Free House now Pay the late fee/buys me drinks!


Glad we got Kettle Bell back, he is bionic!




Thats right, I score tuff!


We are DANS! And we are Cool~ BNO Rocks!


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