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Sardine was a Great Time! December 11 NEXT @ The Side Door Grille

With number #87 in the record books, we had a unique BNO experience!
First of all, the service was excellent, our servers: Misty and David were Fantastic!

KC Lerner got his undies all tied up when BNO Bob got everyone a birthday present dessert! CUPCAKES GALORE!

We gained $23 extra dollars for the Second Harvest food bank and now as we tackle or end of the year stop at The Side Door December 11th, 2014 #88, we are in a perfect pocket to make Headlines with our groups extra efforts to make a difference with a major dollar donation on behalf of BNO!  Initially our goal was $500.00 by the end of this year and we MADE IT!

SARDINE nor SARDINES (Paul Tiz says) racked up a new FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!  #9.35!

With Phil Hurley stopping by and making sure we were well taken care of!  It was expensive but so much fun and WORTH EVERY PENNY I THINK!  I got excited and last month had too many beers.  We are on number #88 Guys sorry not #89.  (Jim Sampson would have noticed!)


Pictures below & remember to check in and email me ONLY if your coming : Please use bobbybear72@att.net




Kettle Bell Kevin Is Back and eating nothing but squirrel meat!


WTF another Dam Birthday!!!!????


Play Misty for me or BURGERS HERE!


What a bunch of Handsome guys (BNO GUYS)


Phil Hurley making sure his place gets the #1 vote!

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