Rate The Beef!

Craftsman Table & Tap Delivers A GREAT ENVIRONMENT!

Hello BNO Men:

We have $136.00 now in the 2nd harvest kitty!  Great job!  Fun place at the Craftsman!  We had Ben wait on us and we had a blast.  Nicholas CRAFTSMAN’S chef came out-NICE PR and the owner Liz, was a very nice lady.

 No Birthday celebration for me HOWEVER! ξ      KC Lerner is MIA!

Only issue is that the burgers were dry~  Craftsman Table and Tap only acquired a BNO rating of:            #8.057!

Happy Easter and Happy April, please be sure to get your Hall Pass for: 

APRIL 23rd @ Old Chicago- Not Bennett’s!          6:00pm don’t be late!~∑

 Just remember it’s once a month & make it clear, rate the beef & drink the beer!



Nicholas needs aujus!


Ben was a champion Waiter


Jim Sampson Drove us beer crazy with #18 beer flight!


Bruce ill give you $100.00 bucks if you chug all #18! ????


Liz was very nice to to the BNO crowd!


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