Rate The Beef!

Man o Man we just did the 98th at (THE SPOT) NUMBER #99 APPROACHES!

HEY YOU BNO GUYS!  Happy Octoburrrrrrrrr!

We visited the SPOT on E Johnson, our waiter Mark did a great job #13 of us for a #8.20!

Ya thinking about your beef and burgers?  Well- think hard and sock away Novembers date:


6:00pm at the Knuckle Down Saloon~  November 12th off Pfluam Road.  

Not too early to get your vote for attendance.

Only tell me if you are coming! Rick Viestra might send cash  cause he moved away!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$


Ok it does nor look like much but it was tasty!


Well we had a NEWBEE my Son Robby! Can you SPOT him? “Yes we were at the Spot! Can you SPOT him?  Oh for gods sake Ill explain my humor later!

ARE YOU SAVING THE DATE FOR THE 100TH?  December 10th @ The Vintage on Whitney Way

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