Rate The Beef!

Schmitty’s Study Pub a solid #8.2

BNO Fluno-10

Caitlyn delivers a thumbs up effort!

BNO Fluno-9

BNO Men chant their tune!

BNO Fluno-2

#12 guys made History

BNO Fluno-3

Nice place great customer service

BNO Fluno-5

Larry and Paul came late, we could not make them pay for the entire gig!

BNO Fluno-11

Spotted another place from the top of Schmittys

BNO Fluno-4

Once a month, lets make it clear: rate the beef and drink the beer!











Hi BNO team:  Bartender Collin and waitress Caitlyn, made our @106 GREAT!  They netted a 

#8.2  and this place came about on a LIMO run and me investigating an unique spot.




Blackhawk Country Club 7/21


BNO Bob 843-4584     bobbybear72@att.net


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