Rate The Beef!

November in Sun Prairie it was not fun but scary!

BNO goes to Eddies Alehouse: Score low, service terrible, beer good! Burgers So So
Owner called in sick, staff was not ready for the BNO routine:

#17 BNO Attendees and a low low score of:  #5.75

We (BNO Bob) took our own orders/enough tables not saved for us/ wait time was disheartening/
this place made me very  angry!/ We made it through however!
Lots of wasted effort calling and emailing the owner and made me look bad!

Not a bar for a bigger group. I let owner know how we felt!  Well there is this Ying and Yang theory!


Brian Parks says GOOD BEER Howeverahhh!


These guys kept giving me the stink eye!About Eddies “flophouse”


Bar Flys


These guys got’s the Worlds 🌎 problems figured out!


Michael M liked being close to home!


The Nakoma Brain Trust!










The only shining grace was Brian Parks giving me good “Throttle the Owner feedback”, they had good beer!  He would not allow his full face to be shown however!



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