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Tipsy at the TIP TOP TAVERN 7/20

Hello BNO Guys:  July 20th was fun and of course Mariah our waitress did a wonderful job!

Tip Top was special, not a bad total cost! Their score was


 $88  collected / Second HarvestThat’s $736 bucks in the KITTY! 🐱🐈


Highlights were:

*Brian Parks had his Metropolitan Nash  🚗 there that he and Jim Adney have been working on!

*Kerry Martin Brian Park’s friend made a first visit!

*Brian Parks took over the lead as the number two man eclipsing Charlie Q with #63 visits verses Charlie’s #62.

*Next month NO PITCHERS!!!

The place is The  Hop Cat off State Street:  August 10th 6pm, please only tell me if you are coming?

*It’s 222 West Gorham!

*What about any of you going to a BREWER GAME next Wednesday?

August 4th leaving by 4PM!🚅🚐

Larry has #4 tickets left?  First come first serve!   Call to me if you are interested?  843-4584.  Only #6 tickets and Larry and I are in!

 You guys are in for a BIG Treat???

THE BLACKHAWK COUNTRY CLUB IS BACK IN THE MIX!  August 17th and time to be determined.  SO get your AUGUST calendar out:

Aug 2nd Brewers?

Aug 10th BNO at Hop Cat  Number #120

Aug 17th BNO BCC Special*   Dan Double “D” needs to get an early head count!


Tell me if you are IN?

email bobbybear 72@att.net

or call me: 843-4584


BNO 7-17-11

Iam Kerry Martin Steve Martin’s Bro!

BNO 7-17-8

I wondered when BNO Bob would let me be the Burger poster GUY!

BNO 7-17-7

Say Paul can you help me add up all the money?$$$

BNO 7-17-5

Theres the founder of Ale Asylum Glenn Schultz!


BNO 7-17-3

KC Lerner tells Jim the truth that that mustache is fake!

BNO 7-17-2

Nice selection of Tip Top grub and No Paul Reckwith!


The little car that could!






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