Rate The Beef!

BNO is Making a difference! We are reaching for the STARS!

BNO attended number #121 @


Only #10 guys and a score of #8.312!

I have more pictures coming from LAST NIGHT.  Stay Tuned.

Such a handsome set of BNO men! Score was # 8.34

Only #10 guys made it such a pity! BUT good times were had at the Granite City!
$21.00 per guy 🙂

IMPORTANT TO MENTION:  Next month is a limited amount of guys due to the size of the place.  It’s the BIRTHPLACE OF BNO (The Badger Tavern-Used to be:  Tony Franks)

First #20 guys that sign up are IN~

” No more than #20 guys!”

October 12th Thursday Night  6:00pm!

Let the sign ups begin!  ARE YOU IN???

email me- bobbybear72@att.net







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