Rate The Beef!

Burger Night Out HITS #126 at Sconnie Bar

The former Lucky’s is now SCONNIE Bar:  Way back in the early Paleogene, Neogene Quaternary Quaterpounder periods, we saw on June 26th, 2012 #20 guys rate the burgers 

  This updated visit on 02/08/2018 came full circle 🔵

with a score of :     #8.4!

Eight years into the BNO culture and amazing how we can go back to  different

place with a new name & have so darn much fun!🍔🍻🍟🍺


Now March is a interesting deal ♠♥♣♦, we have room for only #20 guys so first come first serve on this place.  That date is March 22nd 2018.  Same time 6:00pm so think ahead!  Its Players Sports Bar and Grill.

$127 was added and now we roll with $441.13!

The second raffle this year is Steve Ploch!

White shirt Larry got out of all administrative work!

I think Steve K has a good idea for Joe K!

Brian Parks of course is talking smack!

Nice private digs the Andrew and Sconnie provided for us!




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