Rate The Beef!

BNO makes a May Stop in Middleton at the STAMM House!🏠 Score was #8.275!

What a great time and the weather was a WINNER! BNO Bob is done with HIP surgery, and ready for more places. This was stop Number #160

A couple of raffle winners: Funny Oxy Codeine pills netted by: Al Parker

A Beverage Jacket won by Kettle Bell Kevin Williams

And the winning wine bottle goes to Charlie Q!

JUNE IS EXCITING We Gather at the Hop Hause off Seminole Road for Rooftop special with MGR Cris Bissell of Bissell vacuum cleaners Famed Name!

Dave Flanders had his 67th B day on 5/24. and we added a “newbee” ANOTHER Bob! Bob Hamm~. He never offered to pay for everyones evening 😦

Next up is the Hop Haus in Fitchburg and should be a fun time!

Three wild Men here
Paul put your phone down!
Five escapees from Alcatraz!
Are they making up stories about me?
Oh my a cubs fan got in there! These guys are all lit up!
They emailed each other and are wearing RED

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