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Stop number #162 The Nau Ti Gal We had Naughty Gals there!

WOW #15 guys attended a special BNO as we paid tribute to Ron Curran before his move to Austin Texas. Ron opened up a present: A “BNO” sweatshirt and was given a round of applause for all his past picture 📸 taking and attendance!📌

He made #79 appearances with us over his lifetime! THANKS RON!🏅

Burger rated an #8.5 thanks to Paul Tisdale and Dan Consigny’s hard work! Thank You guys!🏆

Shaky start to some thirsty BNO men but Tova delivered the pitchers, but wait there was Carol and Sarah that slid over to our table + said we looked great for how old we said we were! 🙇‍♂️

We even had live music! And of course Amanda delivered a perfect spot for us to listen to the “Emmy Lou’s!🎼🎤🎸

Next up is The TIPSY Cow in Sun Prairie (6pm) later this MONTH! 7/29! Limited seating is #20. We move up to stop number #163!

There’s Ron Tom and Skipper Bud!
A newbee Ben Steve and Bobby Lucas (A looser at Four Roses BTW)
Theres the Two NN Glenns! and Beaver Dams Man of the year Tom Willie!
Theres Carol and Sara and Happy BNO Men!
Another Newbee Pat Remington and Scott L and Ron!

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