Rate The Beef!

BNO goes to Sun Prairie

Did the BNO gang get Tipsy? WOW Henry our waiter was amazing and the Lamb burger delivered! Mike Mergener did not lie!

Ten guys and GET THIS Bob Lucas and Mike M. were on their MEDS! They gave a perfect score of #10. That pushes us up to #32 tens since 2005!

Blackhawk CC is up next on August 19th and it proves to be a winner too!

Tens guys made it there and we had excellent service and tasty and Tipsy BURGERS! Thats number #163 guys!

Bob Lucas we on the BIRTHDAY LIST and had a dessert he did not share:

I forgot the raffle prizes but drew names for: Bob Hamm and Dave Flanders and Steve Ploch and Paul Bishop! SCORE 9.328 a new THIRD PLACE FINAL!

Top Ten list

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