Rate The Beef!

BNO #166 at The Great Dane in Fitchburg!

BNO Finds Paul Bishop creating a “Gem” of a new member: Kevin Pomeroy who has us directing our love of food and friendship towards the Nakoma Country Club!

Hello BNO GANG! #166 was a hit, #15 guys and $236.00 to Second H and Yes My Birthday was there too! (K.C. Lerner did it again with cupcakes galore!)

Chris the bartender treated us with GREAT service and the weather was Perfect.

Next month is the Red Mouse in Pine Bluff on Thursday, November 11th at 6pm!

Great time and a few raffle winners including: Page Buchanon hitting a $15.00 scratch off he donated, Dave N won the big wine bottle and Kevin P and Michael Allen also scored fun stuff!

Score that evening was an #8.57

Chris with that smart alec Bob Lucas in the background!
KC Lerner brought out the B day CAKES
Cupcake tasted good KC
Jim A the radical
Jim cannot not believe a word Lucas says, who CAN?
Mike M looking Happy
Professor Paul Bishop with two hoodlums to his Right!

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