Rate The Beef!


BNO Stop #167 at the Red Mouse was Spectacular!

“#12 brave BNO “OLD” Guys made their way to Pine Bluff and had a record of a SCORE!

Natalie and Terra and The Boss Christine….took their place to a score of # 9.079 pushing them into the 11th spot out of #167 places! Very good burgers, excellent staff and service!

Everyone BNO dude got a raffle prize and Jim Sniff won “The Biggy”. Relax he told everyone, I’ll buy you all a drink (HE NVER DID)! 😦

Our money goes to Second Harvest $2,021 on December 15th unless we get Chris Z to pop in to our “End OF Year” visit, #168 IT’S TIME IN VERONA”. 12/2/2021. 6pm

BNO Bob has the 2022 schedule completed. Jan through July 7th are set up…

NCC, Lillian’s, Funks, Sweet Home WI, BNO Bobs Ranch, Vintage on E Wash, BCC SO end of July , August, September, October, November and December have places indicated but not confirmed with each establishment yet.

Natalie was Easy on the Eyes!
Table Number !
Table number 2 Misfits
BNO Deadbeats
Jim Sniffer the Biggy Winner
Aaron says again “RELAX”

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