Rate The Beef!



Amazing night: $130.00 for Second Harvest, (new total for this year already: ($633.00) A grand total of #19 guys and $25.00 per Dude for the meal!

BEST PART OF THE NIGHT- Super service form all staff and Emma and Kara made it even better. Chef Dave did not disappoint: A special burger for all of us and no sooner than I asked Emma for ordering- out came all the food with fries, and an amazing creation of a burger! Everyone got the same thing and Early. Dan Consigny wet his pants he was so excited!!!!

Chef Dave gave us such a great intro to our meal and……. Top Secret News about his place!

Why he even brought out chicken wings a before giving us the AMAZING Burgers! 🍔

Get this: We were there 02/09/2012 Ten years ago and Liliana’s scored a #9.09. They are in ninth place and after the scoring came in last night, they moved up in scoring percentage with a #9.12, That being said, “They are still in ninth place but bettered their record TEN years ago! They had a 9.09!

Emma and Kara Rocked the Cust Servic
Dan C won Raffle
Jim Ad flipped ME
Bad Boys in Time Out

Yes another great Photo

March is Funks on 3/10~ and another change is July 28th to North South in Verona and please remember that the end of May will be at BNO Bobby Bears Ranch. Bring your significant other, and or wife and prepare for BBB + B (That’s Bobby Bears Bourbon (tasting) and Beef)!

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