Rate The Beef!

B.N.O. makes a splash with the #175 TH!

Of course we were at Blackhawk Country Club, marking our tenth consecutive year there!

#28 guys made history, BNO Bob had Chef Casey there at BCC make a “memorable CAKE” and $453.00 was collected for Second Harvest! Thank You Jeff B and Dan C for tabulating scores and figuring out the total bill: Not too shabby $30.00 per guy!

We have a new running total of $1,973 BNO Bucks and word from Chris Z. (our very own Second Harvest Contact) ~ that is a BNO member: He pays his dues $$$$$ on time Bob Lucas!!!!!!!

We Could/Can make a donation in September that can be matched.

TOTAL SCORE WAS #9.17 BEATING THEIR PREVIOUS YEARS TALLY OF #9.164 * One year ago! And such wonderful Customer Service from Our contact there: Kelly she’s a PRO!

Lot’s of high scores: We had two newbees, Paul Reckwerdt’s son: Sean from New York otherwise known as “Sparkle SHANAM” and Jim Adney’s had a contractor friend (John Benson) he could not pay his entire wages, so he said let me buy you a burger, beer and fries and allow you to network and get #27 referrals! *Smooth move JimO!

Another BNO yet this month at North South 7/28 6 pm!

DOUBLE D Dan Dieter

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