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Burger Night Out #176 AT: North South

BIGGIE WINNER: Paul Bishop! Great service, fantastic brisket and burger although it fooled Glenn Schultz,

Get this………. CAN DO “Ken Super Manager and Justin the Big Wig Manager” slipped the BNO Boys a $100.00 donation! We netted a grand total of $265.00 that 7/28. What a cool thing they did!

Thank you Ken and North South!!!!! We hit our goal of $2,022. New amount is:

#2,268 bucks and Chris Z of Second Harvest says in September we can possible get a match of money already collected!🤩. 🏆.

#14 guys and a score of #8.65 made BNO stop:# 176 a big homerun!

Our Server “Okeve” did a fantastic job!

Next month is 8/18 downtown at Camp Triple Lindee! 6 pm

Bob Lucas had a #68th Birthday too!
Great outdoor night for Beer, Birthday, Burgers, and Lying!

Pete was shocked on his Brisket/Burger combo!

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