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BNO goes to new heights @ Camp Trippalindee!

Stop # 177! Cool view, Thank you Tyler (D.O.S.)! HOWEVER: This place is a college hangout, we had paper plates, not so good service from staff, $32/guy, ketchup and mustard in packets, basically had to get out own beers at the bar. Burgers were disappointing….Way back in 2016 on May 5th we had a great time with #15 guys and a score of 8.86! Interesting we had the same number of guys #6 years later but a score of #6.83. The BNO Group deserved better!

The highs of the evening was celebrating Peter Balestracci birthday! 🎂And doing so at the Memorial Union with fun BNO Team members!🍻!

Guess the BNO Group has had some good luck with great places, great beer, and every once in a while we hit the bottom of a curve! Whats coming?????

DLUX is NUMBER #11 on our top #15 list and we were there in December of 2006 with a #9.08 score. Pressure is on! This Thursday. September 8th. at 6pm.

Second Harvest money continues to grow, having met our goal of $2022 dollars, we are sitting at $2,388 bucks!

Our Second Harvest guy Chris contacted me: We decided to keep the contribution to a calendar year and give in December, we get our match and are shooting for a bonus to qualify for Mike’s Miracle Minute and do the donation with “Share Your Holidays”. In December, We should invite John Stofflet our BNO interviewer from Channel #15?

September 9/8 DLUX, October 6th Midtown Pub, November 17th The Green Lantern and December 08th at Echo Tap and Grill!

Lots of anticipation

What a view
Our server Caleb was M.I. A.
Some Thirsty selfies
Great Sights!
BNO Boys and ONE Eye Jim Sniff. Dave Nep in the bathroom!

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