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Burger Night Out hits# #178 at DLUX

What a great time with #15 GUYS! FINAL SCORE: #9.33!!!!!!

WOW-WOW. $34/Guy and pretty Emma served us smiles and incredibly tender burgers.

The DLUX establishment moved up #8 spots to number three on the top #15 list.

J.D. Gardner /MGR. did not disappoint the BNO enthusiasts! Lots of good pictures, Kevin Pomeroy netted “the BIGGIE” wine bottle.

We hit $147 in the Second Harvest collections and now have $2,535 dollars for our calendar year donation. So Kool!

Thanks Fellas: Paul Tisdel (Did I spell that right????) took pictures and did the math scores, Page Buchanon also took pictures for us since I left my phone in the car and helped me count money! Thanks Guys!

NEXT MONTH AT MIDTOWN PUB IS A CAP OF ONLY #20 GUYS, I will send out alert again later this month!

Pretty Darn GREAT!

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