Rate The Beef!

BNO did it #182 at The Prost

BNO Hits the The German Place. (PROST)

#17 guys chalk up a score of #8.87 total points #139.10. Owner Brian was SUPER
Matteo bartender a perfect #10 and we had Maise 👩 our waitress did a lovely job~

John Pike accepted the rejected biggy award that was initially slated to “That Cracker Jack Paul R”. That bottle of flavored butter creme was not too good says John Pike!

A week from today we hit a place we went to in September 13th of 2011. “THE CAPITAL TAP HOUSE. Four guys gave it a #9.15 score! 🍔. We are back Thursday 2/23 to A DIFFERENT NAME SAME PLACE AS CAP TAP HOUSE~ 107 State Street! (6pm). Don’t bee late!

I am coming even though I just had quadruple by pass heart surgery! Might have a salad instead of fries guys! Looking forward to seeing you all! I have a list of guys that responded to me and hope I got it right? That comes in a separate email.

In March~ Athens Grill in Westport. On 3/16 at 6pm


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