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Kelly πŸ™πŸ»β€β™€οΈ our contact there was amazing, very professional, Chef Todd scored a hat🧒 and a round of applause! SCORE was a #9.16 moving them into 5th place!

Paul Reckwerdt auctioned off the main prize of a bottle of Captain πŸ‘¨β€βœˆοΈMorgan, (For $40) and get this, we collected $430.00 for Second Harvest!

Paul R had on a great hat and a kilt! The guy can dress to the NINES!

Paul T. and Dan C. and Bob H. assisted with scores and calculating amount owed! Next month is BREAKWATER (Hollywood and AMANDA) here we come!

We had Tom coming from Beaver Dam with his Son N law SAM. A new recruit!

BNO goes to Sun Prairie

Did the BNO gang get Tipsy? WOW Henry our waiter was amazing and the Lamb burger delivered! Mike Mergener did not lie!

Ten guys and GET THIS Bob Lucas and Mike M. were on their MEDS! They gave a perfect score of #10. That pushes us up to #32 tens since 2005!

Blackhawk CC is up next on August 19th and it proves to be a winner too!

Tens guys made it there and we had excellent service and tasty and Tipsy BURGERS! Thats number #163 guys!

Bob Lucas we on the BIRTHDAY LIST and had a dessert he did not share:

I forgot the raffle prizes but drew names for: Bob Hamm and Dave Flanders and Steve Ploch and Paul Bishop! SCORE 9.328 a new THIRD PLACE FINAL!

Top Ten list

Stop number #162 The Nau Ti Gal We had Naughty Gals there!

WOW #15 guys attended a special BNO as we paid tribute to Ron Curran before his move to Austin Texas. Ron opened up a present: A “BNO” sweatshirt and was given a round of applause for all his past picture πŸ“Έ taking and attendance!πŸ“Œ

He made #79 appearances with us over his lifetime! THANKS RON!πŸ…

Burger rated an #8.5 thanks to Paul Tisdale and Dan Consigny’s hard work! Thank You guys!πŸ†

Shaky start to some thirsty BNO men but Tova delivered the pitchers, but wait there was Carol and Sarah that slid over to our table + said we looked great for how old we said we were! πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ

We even had live music! And of course Amanda delivered a perfect spot for us to listen to the “Emmy Lou’s!🎼🎀🎸

Next up is The TIPSY Cow in Sun Prairie (6pm) later this MONTH! 7/29! Limited seating is #20. We move up to stop number #163!

There’s Ron Tom and Skipper Bud!
A newbee Ben Steve and Bobby Lucas (A looser at Four Roses BTW)
Theres the Two NN Glenns! and Beaver Dams Man of the year Tom Willie!
Theres Carol and Sara and Happy BNO Men!
Another Newbee Pat Remington and Scott L and Ron!


Wow lots of faces we have not seen for a long time showed up!

Cris Bissell and waitress Jada and Alexa started us out on the roof top and then rain came down, so we went down to the BIG Room~

Score was #8.09 and $191 collected for Second Harvest. Our balance was $447.00 and now we have $638.00 in the kitty.🐱

Big winners on the raffles. Jim Simpson, Jim Adney, Jeff Barfield and his Father and Law “Gordon Lightfoot”. Mike Mergener latched onto the famous bottle of red wine!

Great place and we notched the highest per person expense~ next to a major gathering. $38.00 per

Next month we have two stops in July.

The Na Ti Gal 7/15 has no restriction of number of guys, but at the end of

July……. on 7/29 @ The Tipsy Cow *we can only have #20 guys max. So get your name into me…..Mike M. has the first name notched of course next to me! He is pushing the lamb burger~

Who Is In the 7/15 at Nau Ti Gal. 6:00pm?

Who wants to be Kool for Tipsy 7/29 at 6:00pm?

You guys are lucky…I misplaced the Hop Haus pictures. However: Jeff’s Father n Law is shown!

BNO makes a May Stop in Middleton at the STAMM House!🏠 Score was #8.275!

What a great time and the weather was a WINNER! BNO Bob is done with HIP surgery, and ready for more places. This was stop Number #160

A couple of raffle winners: Funny Oxy Codeine pills netted by: Al Parker

A Beverage Jacket won by Kettle Bell Kevin Williams

And the winning wine bottle goes to Charlie Q!

JUNE IS EXCITING We Gather at the Hop Hause off Seminole Road for Rooftop special with MGR Cris Bissell of Bissell vacuum cleaners Famed Name!

Dave Flanders had his 67th B day on 5/24. and we added a “newbee” ANOTHER Bob! Bob Hamm~. He never offered to pay for everyones evening 😦

Next up is the Hop Haus in Fitchburg and should be a fun time!

Three wild Men here
Paul put your phone down!
Five escapees from Alcatraz!
Are they making up stories about me?
Oh my a cubs fan got in there! These guys are all lit up!
They emailed each other and are wearing RED

BNO goes into April FOOLS Day 4/1 ahead of the scheduled 4/8 date. BNO Bob has hip surgery that day, had to move it up!

Chef Riley and Cody made some incredible Burgers for the BNO gang. Initially, the only burger on their menu was “Build your own”. I spoke to a very KOOL guy “GM HOLLYWOOD” and he said they would make an additionally special burger.

WOW what a surprise when we learned we had #7 to choose from:

This beautiful lady: “AMANDA” was and is easy on the eyes 🎯πŸ₯‡πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ and was so fun and professional! BNO gang would like to make this a summer stop like Blackhawk with it’s outdoor rooftop and specialized relationship with the staff!


Jim Sniff won a BNO car shade, & Glenn #!1 got the bottle of wine. Jeff Barfield and Steve Kuhn scored chocolate rabbits. BNO Bob provided milk chocolate covered marsh mellow eggs. What a great time.

Next month The Stamm House will have a tuff ACT to follow! 5/20 6pm Middleton.

Buck and Honey is our FIRST BNO back in awhile and it made us all thankful and SMILE!

BNO hits Buck and Honey March 18th for an #8.825. Priscilla did not lead us into temptation, rather she delivered us from EVIL!

Eight guys made a triumphant return and it was good. $83.00 for Second Harvest collected!

We have the Yahara Room downstairs with a secret door!

Bob Lucas won a bottle of red wine but traded with John Ritchie for some Trader Joes’ chocolate

Great time and now we are gaining steam for cover vaccinations and warmer weather!

All Hail the BNO slogan and may all our adventures be TENS #10!

BNO Moves into 2021! COVID GETTING SHOT AT:) πŸ’‰

BNO Missed three hits this past year. We should be starting out on STOP number #161.
We are going to try to make up the visits to the various spots, but it’s a month to month deal! SO Far for this Year January and February were also cancelled~. The numbering will iron itself out~

MARCH IS A GREEN LIGHT GO! 3/18 at 6:00pm at Buck and Honey in Monona. Two options are there, outside for sure if weather is OK. A downstairs large room with a massive wooden table (Yahara Room seating every other guy if weather is poor!)

APRIL IS A GO TOO: BREAKWATER IN MONONA. a special burger being prepared and seating outside there! 4/8 6:00pm.






KATHRINE took care of us. Good burger, nice group of #8 guys and $146 for Second Harvest!

Mr. K C Lerner insisted on out total for donation being: $2,345.67! Turned out os was a little more than that. $2,211 in cash and $189.66 in checksfor a total of. $ 2,400. That feeds #7,200 meals!

Next Year we go with $2,021 for a goal.

Sandy of Second Harvest accepts BNO DOUGH!

Kathrine did a good job keeping us full of spirit and food!

Look at them space heaters! Look at them spacey eaters! Emmerick, Schultz, Sniff, GBK, ME, J Ritchie, Limo Larry, and “Give In All I Got Captain,,,Scotty!

Newbee Scott Louther would not pay for the TAB: BOOOOOOO! He had fun I think~

LIBERT STATION scored a #8.6:

Next Month and Next Year Tipsy Cow in Sun Prairie~

BNO goes to OREGON and digs into a great time @ “HEADQUARTERS” THEY ACHIEVED A BNO SCORE of: #8.6!

Mason Our bartender made us happy to be out. He wore a mask through out the entire duration! Ashley handed me my Bucky Burger!! a # 9 in my book!

We collected $106.00 dollars for Second Harvest too! Just $151 dollars to go before we reach our goal!

Larry E. got lucky with tea boxes, malibu booze and some Godiva chocolates he failed to share with all of us! Octobers’ Raffle Prize winner!

Bob Emmerick made a return from being M.I. A.!

Bob Lucas got upset with my statistics and broke my plastic reader! I’ll fix his wagon!


MARTINA OF (NAU TI GALS) IS DONATING $50 dollars towards second Harvest. Outside seating with plastic strapes like being in a meat locker!

Nau Ti Gal’s 6:00pm ON A SUNDAY NIGHT! 11/22/2020 Paul Reckwerdt better show up!

December is off Rimrock Road at LIBERTY STATION! 12/3

January 2021 is set / OUTSIDE at Tipsy Cow of Sun Prairie 6:30 pm 01/07/2021!



Finally a Home run form Limo Larry!
The TWO N Glenn’s are out classed by the Bob’s! Bob Lucas, Bob Emmerick, Bob Phillips!

Mason was quick on the Great Customer service!


September is a great month for getting out and having a cold one!

We were slim in attendance. and had #6 guys drop bye and of course we sat outside! BNO Bob even brought his red wind up umbrella!

Steve Ploch won the raffle and had not been to a BNO is a ton of time so justification!

Game Times’s KUTE Katie won us all over especially Glenn #1! We logged a score of #8.875 and they moved into #13 place. I was close to scoring it a TEN! Glenn was interested in moving into first place with waitress~

$81.00 collected for Second Harvest and that gives us $1,763 beans and we are $257 dollars away from our goal! Pictures were fabulous!

Next month is outside again at HEADQUARTERS in Oregon 6:30 on 10/15.

What a great thing to get out and spend time with such a GREAT group of guys!
Big Winner Steve Ploch
Bigger Winner having all you guys a part of BNO!
Katie was Cutie
Lots of ruff burger scorers!
Bob Lucas looks heavy in that picture πŸ™‚
BNO Bob on the JOB!
A few sprinkles!
Wow some guys are soo addicted to their smartphones !
Nothing like an action photo of the Burger! (And then some)!

Blackhawk Country Club Does IT Again!

BNO can’t count BCC as a planned stop like BNO #155, but we had #12 guys show up and BCC scored a whopping #9.15

$98.00 collected for Second Harvest: Two raffle winners: Dan Consigny and John Ritchie!

Total now collected for the year is: $1,682 bucks. Speaking of which GO BUCKS! πŸ€

This month comes up fast September 10th is Game Time Sports Bar and Grill. 6:30 start for those commuting. OUTSIDE SEATING TOO!

October is Headquarters in Oregon and great burgers and lots of good beers and I have been twice nice place! October 15th. 6:30 pm!

Kelly took Super Care of us!
BNO ‘s Finest!
Some hoodlums
There is one LOOSER at that table
♠️ ♣️ β™₯️ ♦️

What a view, what a burger, thanks Double D Dan!

BNO Tackles Sun Prairie’s FULL MILE Establishment!

July 23rd – we showed up for lots of yummy beef, beer, and bragging!

Collected $116 for Second Harvest too!

WOW #9 guys, John Ritchie a (NEWBEE) great Beer! Great burger #9.13

Renee our waitress was a TEN (#10) and Newbee John Ritchie also scored a #10!

Next Month is Buckinghams August 6th OUTSIDE SEATING~πŸ”πŸΊ 6:00pm

Nate AKA Garth Brooks look ALIKE! and Rachel is Vanna Whites Daughter πŸ™‚ 🀣
Michael Mergener won the Raffle Royal Crown Bottle!
Burger Whore John Richie first time a solid #10!
Gallant Knight Riders
Renee was great, Getting married in less than two weeks!

BNO Back in Cross Plains at Hooty’s

Gents we did it we made stop #154 for #152!

Yes we had two months of pandemic stoppage for BNO!

#5 guys made it to an outside social distancing.
SCORE #8.23.
$70.00 for Second Harvest TOO! πŸ’°

Colleen and Owner Tom served up good beer and great customer service!

Pictures are priceless! Good times. Hope things get better and…………..HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL YOU FATHERS!

BNO goes to #151 at Chasers

#13 guys made an challenge against the scary Covid -19
Score #8.09. and get this total Bill form Bill the owner was only $100. THAT’S RIGHT $10.00 per guy

$172 dollar collected however for Second Harvest

Great time and next month we switch to April 8th at Buckinghams because “CHER” is in town! 🎀 πŸ™πŸ»β€β™€οΈ 🎡. IT’S A WEDNESDAY!

Paul R came prepared
Jim Sniff even won the raffle, A years with of Jameson
Captain BNO Bob with Jessica Cjarlie O’Teefe!
The #13 brave BNO guys

BNO TOPS OFF February “Winters Blues” WITH THE: #150th at Vintage Spirit and Grill

Invite list was #30 guys and we ended up with #28.
Simon, Damien, Mike and Chef Fernando dealt us impressive customer service! Score was 8.975!! 

That moves them into

Gents spent $27 per person and we collected $200 bucks second harvest!

Great gathering awarding top attendees, we will award Dan Roehre BNO “Momento” shirt πŸ‘•: Had a raffle winner  was Paul G!

More Ron Curran pictures coming soon!         πŸ“Έ    πŸ–Ό

Next up to bat:  March 12th at Chasers Downtown 6:00pm

BNO goes to #149th visit @ Boulder Brew PUB in VERONA! 01/09/2020 Making Burger History!πŸ” 🍟. πŸ»

Burger Stop #149. and GM Martina and server Gregory allowed us to make a great start to 2020. We had # 13 BNO Men attend and they treated us with royalty! πŸ‘‘.

We collected $122 bucks for Second Harvest pushing us to a new total of #290 dollars for 2020!

Bob got the raffle prize and a hug from GM Martina!
Gregory was fantastic

Next UP gto bat is the #150th 02/06/2020. at 5:30 early celebrations going on! Be there or be square!

BNO gets to #147 @ The Church Key!

Nine brave guys made it to a MONUMENTAL gathering. #8.49 score but get this, $210 dollars collected, Phillips Schultz and Reckwerdt gave $200 bucks and we had a match up to $250 from a secret BNO guy.

That makes ALLOWED US TO REACH OUR $2,000 goal and then some!πŸ’°πŸ†

Thank You everyone! I’ll disclose our KNIGHT in shinning armor soon! We are gathering our money now and December 11th we will go down and give our bounty to Second Harvest!

Thanks to Jackson and Joey who took care of us! Only $18 charge per guy!

Next month is Sweet Home Wisconsin near the corner of Park and Regent 6:00pm 🎯 πŸ•° πŸ”πŸŸπŸ»

Thats the Badger Bob Burger!

BNO MAKES IT TO #146 Bennett’s Meadow Wood Country Club

Hello happy November: #14 guys made it to the home of smutt and eggs!

πŸ’ƒ + 🍳πŸ₯š’s . Ashley and Katie allowed us to enjoy a really good BURGER!

Bennett’s scored a #8.87 taking over #15 spot on the list!

$15/guys and a $148 dollars in the second Harvest Kitty! Total now is $1,577.00.

Next up to bat is the old Quaker State and Lube joint now called Point Burger: November 14th. LET THE SHOWCASE BEGIN1

! Are you IN? Are you coming? We changed time to 6:00 pm by the way!

Funny other pictures are WEB Locked due to the location of this place~

BNO Goes to Rileys Tavern for #145!

Weather was so wonderful and so are the men of BNO!

Great turn out, #16 Guys and $177.00 collected for Second Harvest! Pushes us up to $1,359.00 for this year. Garry won the Trader Joes raffle Beer BNO Bob bought! (Vintage Ale)~

Next Month is a Wednesday October 16th at Bennets’ Meadowwood Country Club!

#8.07 Score logged! Brian Parks rode out and I guess is still trying to get home! πŸ™‚

Beer and Burgers @ Rileys
The Important table

BNO Makes the TREK to Sauk City to Vintage Brewery! #144 8/22/19

Vintage always Delivers! We had a blast and the gang had a GREAT Time!
Score was: # 8.77

We had #14 BNO Men attend! The longest trek for Burgers and Beer ever!

Paul Turpin biked from Madison, Alisha handled us like MAGIC!πŸ™… ✨ 🌟

Big Dan Consigny won a bottle of very expensive wine!

Great time and collected $$$$95.00 for second harvest! Pushes our total up to: $1,182. So we have $818.00 to raise before the end of the year GOAL!



Jim Sniff won a bottle of champagne, and Bob Lucas got a free bottle for the Dave Cowan’s CELTICS πŸ€ Quiz!

#13 guys A RECORD HIGH WITH A SCORE OF #9.471 $145.00 for second Harvest and only draw back was being inside: But Theresa and Angie made up for it and Chef Todd delivered AGAIN!

Next Month August 22nd at Vintage in Sauk City 6:30 PM! BNO ROCKS

We always are treated first class! Look at that Menu!
Two N Glenns at the end of the table!
Theresa on the left and Angie on the Right, stand up sit down they sure look RIGHT!
Where were the LOT of you, KC is weak!
That man on the far left is almost #55 Paul Tisdale turned another year older the next day! July 19th! πŸŽ‚ πŸŽ‚ 🍰 🍻

BNO Climbs HIGHER! #143

Headed to Cottage Grove for the Black Bear 🐻 Inn 🏀

A small group of TRUSTED Burger and Beer men tackled Alicia and a Thursday night fun time. We could actually hear Paul Bishop chewing his food! Mr. Glenn Schultz won the raffle prize: A blueberry pie!🍰

Nice score: #8.9 and $24 bucks per guy! Alicia was wonderful! We look forward to Black Hawk Country Club this coming Thursday 7/18

We did it we had #6 Guys!

SCORE WAS # 8.9 That was Alicia BTW

BNO Wow #141 stops and we di it at MORGANS of PINE BLUFF!

Amanda, Julie and Angie did suck A GREAT JOB! Inexpensive, #8.3 and #16 guys attneded.

New Guy Jeff G won the raffel and no birthdays for BNO Bob

Next Month is Monroe Street “The Tin Fox”