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BNO Heads out to Paoli Pub

June 15th marked the #118 th BNO visit.  Rachel provided excellent service and the joint scored a solid


With the hot summer months coming, we venture to the TIP TOP Tavern July 20th.

Same 6:00pm start time!  We had #17 attendees at Paoli Pub & gained $86 dollars for Second harvest pushing our grand total up to

$648.00 bucks


I had yet another Birthday and Sam Tricker went for the gold with a mega score of #9.2!


Grand total for each BNNO guy that night:  Only $20.00!



Best looking BNO men that night!

Bobs Birthday song

Rachel did a GREAT Job!

Sam T is thinking a HIGH score!

One of the blues brothers

Black Tie affair

BNO men thinking about future places!



BNO MARKS #117 #15 BNO men visited the World of Beers: #8.1 4/20/17

Happy End of May Men!

June 15th @ 6:00pm we visit Paoli Pub

Thats 6893 Paoli Road, Belleville, Wisconsin Jim A, 53508

Let the BNO/Guys that can attend please check in!  Email me~ bobbybear72@att.net



Before I post some nice pictures from last month, let’s all try to keep the overall costs down?  We should pass on cheese curds since lots of places have a NO pitcher policy!  Prices are recently higher:  Let’s keep our per person price down?






Special Note  Note Bene:  Rosa and Oscar did provide some WORLD CLASS Customer Service at our last venue!  





BNO # 116 The Thirsty Goat 4/20/2017

🐑Well we never get tired of drinking the beer and eating the beef!


Thirsty Goat was  Excellent! 🍻  🐐🐐🐐  At least I thought so, I got the Dan Dieters rating things vey high because I was high on LISA, The Thirsty Goat Burger was Grand, Chef Jeff was a cool dude and the beer was MAGNIFFY and the place was really  cool!

Thus all that equal my *9.5  However I was HIGH, and there was 6.5  LOW so the other scores all combined and throwing out the fluff equals a score of


Next month is World of beers:  May 11th at 6:00pm 🌍

Holy Shit its that photogenic guy Bob Emmerick!

Lisa is the Queen of the Thirsty Goats!

Hey Jeff lets beat up all the BNO guys that score below #8???

Peter thinks Brian Parks deserves an applause??

BNO Bob turned another day older!

Ben OK we will come back to AltanBachs!

Glen Schultz MR. Ale Asylum says We got’s a Burger BOYZ!!

BNO goes all the way and Scores a 8.31 at Erins Snug

Katie served up some great burgers!
Good beer~ $28 per guy!

Dave Flanders says to Greg, that Malt sauce just aught up to NO Bob’s system!

Katie are you kidding me, you were Lucky # 115!

Doug the Drummer! He liked the place!

Jim Adney seems to be thinking Whistle Pig! Good times

$116 bucks for Second Harvest!
and #13 guys went way East for The day before St. Pats!🍀 🍻

BNO #114 Me & Julio’s

Wow we had a great time!
An 8.76 score!
$95 bucks for Second Harvest!
Delilah was very special to Evan~  

Evan did not get her phone number, but should have!

Good place to BNO!

Thumbs up but John Shea always wears that Red Sweatshirt!

What a rowdy group BNO # 114

BNO goes Rouge in 2017 and adds WINTER BNO at Blackhawk Country Club!💨🍔🍟🍻

Hi I’m getting caught up!  BNO did not jump to #114 YET!  That is coming up:


Sorry last blog for WI Tap House missed the 8.39 Tally!  1/12/17


Then on Feb 02, 2017


But #23 guys logged an UN- OFFICAL #8.817 at Todd’s BCC!  Thanksimg_4763img_4760-1img_4760img_4759img_4758 again to Dan Dieter for the host with the most!

btw, two tens dished out that night!


FEB 23RD AT ME & JULIOS!  Coming up



Wisconsin Tap House 01/12/2017

No No you guys Bob is crazy!

No No you guys Bob is crazy!

Some misfits!

Some misfits!

Fun Stuff BNO # 113

Fun Stuff BNO # 113

Tina was GREAT!

Tina was GREAT!

Badgers on in the background!

Badgers on in the background!

What more Beer?

What more Beer?

Hey you guys i'm talking to you!

Hey you guys i’m talking to you!



December at Grays in Verona # 112

Oh Olivia & Nicole they did an AMAZING job #8.6
Year end gathering with #23 guys 🙂



Gents I am uploading the 2017 list here and also emailing it again!



One quick note is that Double U will will scratched for Thirsty Goat.  My BNO son, Robby says, Dbl U is not worthy!


Oh Olivia!


Those of you that did not attend, the BNO Man Bob gave out year end goodies!


Some BNO lovers!


These guys are in the BARFIELD!


CEO Dan Stein of Second Harvest accepts the BNO check! $$$$$


So this Year we are $1500.00 as a goal!







Once month let’s make it clear, beef beer and good Cheer!


She earned all her 25% tip!














Thank you to all of you for a great year!  2106 was fun!  Ron Curran for your photos, Dan Dieter for your Second Harvest inspiration!  Brian Parks for all your lies, charlie your accounting skills and Bruce Moser too!




Will Todd Vernon return?

November in Sun Prairie it was not fun but scary!

BNO goes to Eddies Alehouse: Score low, service terrible, beer good! Burgers So So
Owner called in sick, staff was not ready for the BNO routine:

#17 BNO Attendees and a low low score of:  #5.75

We (BNO Bob) took our own orders/enough tables not saved for us/ wait time was disheartening/
this place made me very  angry!/ We made it through however!
Lots of wasted effort calling and emailing the owner and made me look bad!

Not a bar for a bigger group. I let owner know how we felt!  Well there is this Ying and Yang theory!


Brian Parks says GOOD BEER Howeverahhh!


These guys kept giving me the stink eye!About Eddies “flophouse”


Bar Flys


These guys got’s the Worlds 🌎 problems figured out!


Michael M liked being close to home!


The Nakoma Brain Trust!










The only shining grace was Brian Parks giving me good “Throttle the Owner feedback”, they had good beer!  He would not allow his full face to be shown however!



October at Cafe Hollander

BNO Strikes Again & this time we had #21 guys and a score of:

Tyler our waiter handled us with top notch TLC!  Somehow it was another birthday for me:)

NEXT UP *EDDIES ALEHOUSE IN SUN PRAIRIE~  Allow enough time to get there!

238 E Main Street    November 17    6:00pm


The Long Table of BNO Boyzzzz


New Guy Curt*


We are all over the place!


BNO Bob and Tyler


Actually #21 guys*


One fight broke out but Green Bay WON!