Rate The Beef!

Joint Reports

The 75th BNO Stop!

The 75th was a grand time.  We had the back room at Johnny Del Monico’s. Lana (Beautiful Manager there), assisted us and #24 guys made it to the year end big party!  Incredible service, lots of TLC.  Johnny’s obtained a score of #8.95!  They moved into 4th place edging out their neighbor across the street The Merchant!!!!  Thank you Ron for taking the pictures and thank all of you for making the effort to support such a great hobby (Hamburgers)!

I made a stop at the bank that night and had a cashiers check made out to Second Harvest Food Bank.  We made a donation of $178.00 dollars!  You can see the attachment of the check!  We now need to set the bar higher and see if we can go beyond that mark for this year!  Goals fellas GOALS~

There were Posters, a recap of scorings, BNO Dan Roehre was there, No Doug Moe, but lot’s of fun and a little too many expensive hard liquor drinks.  *Watch that guys, ya might need to pour in some extra bling next time!

I also had three quarters taped under the butter dishes, to give back some money to the BNO boys!  (Get it three quarters #75 stops.)  See picture above

ALSO/Bonus is the BNO T-Shirt, and I will need to get sizes. The cost will be $25.00 per shirt.

Final score of #8.95

Johnny Delmonicos_14 Johnny Delmonicos46 Johnny Delmonicos_38 Johnny Delmonicos_26 Johnny Delmonicos_25 Johnny Delmonico's_16 Johnny Delmonico's_5


clip_image001Happy New Year and Happy Burgers and Beers!

Tanners  #74 scored an #8.265 with #14 guys attending.  Andrea was our waitress and she did a fantastic job!  Good beers and get this:  Two newbies joined us: Mickey and David and they added to our bottom line total of #109 different BNO guys since the start in 2005.

Will Doug Moe make our #75th?  Can Dan Roehre come out of retirement along with Mark Consigny? (That’s pronounced come see me.) Speaking of which, chime in for the 75th if you have not already done so.  The sooner I get a head count the better!

Overall an 8.265 score.


The Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf 1The Lazy Oaf served up some pretty mean burgers.  Quitin was our server and Rob the owner allowed us to have a great collision!
The total score was #8.18 and eleven BNO mean tasted some good meat.  We made it clear, we ate all the meat and drank a lot of beer!
Overall an 8.18 score.

The Brass Ring

_DSC9146_1The brass ring and Stephanie (our waitress) came in with a #8.585! Not shabby and GREAT customer service!  We had a fun time and Preston joined our group another Nakoma Man. He lives down from Jonathan Sutton.  *Another Jonathan was in attendance that night as well!  #12 guys total, well 11 1/2 if you’re counting Brian Parks!!!!!!!!!!
Overall an 8.585 score.

Lucky 13 at Babes

clip_image001 clip_image002 clip_image003Last month, we met on September 19th!  We had a blast, a great burger 13 guys and new Newbies! Babes waitress Michelle and owner Tom, were  very gracious! Babes moved into the top ten with an #8.61/Dan Dieter dealt a #9.75 and new Guy Peter was a #7.9 for the low.

Let me make it clear: we rate the beef and drink the beer!

Babes had some very nice brews!

SEE ya soon, I hope.

Overall an 8.61 score.


The Main Depot

_DSC7887_DSC788813 guys had a great time while Travis cooked us up some yummy beef!  The chef had to cook in shifts as the grill was not a biggie…but, hey, more time to drink the beer!

Natalie was a great hit and was a perfect BNO Waitress!

Overall an 7.85 score.


The Argus

Last month we had a neat place for BNO at the Argus.  Amy had 15 guys demanding perfection!  It got an 8.23.  Not bad and we had our spot in the cool basement.

I heard one guy say, ” Catch the fad, feel the need, Burger Night with the Boys-is all you need! Nice!  Oh wait, that was me with a 2006 slogan idea that never caught on!

Overall an 8.23 score.


Tale of the Buns

Blackhawk BNO_11Blackhawk BNO_13 June 13th found us at the Blackhawk country club where thirteen guys brought in a RARE treat.  Chef Todd and servers Lara and Vladimir allowed spoiled us rotten!  Our Dan Dieter connection generated more clout than just a mere Burger Club, we were royalty!  We even had special labels and the marque announced us as we came in the place!  The BCC rocked IT!

Overall an 8.710 score.

One week later, we visited Monkeyshines were a legend (Don Gill) made a living hustling pool and taking money from any dog owners in Nakoma! The Dog Mafia I think.  Chef John and server Laura made a huge  hit with us notching visitation number #68.  Wow!Burger night 5-16-13 C Burger night 5-16-13 E Burger night 5-16-13 L

Now the BNO men are bucking to have two places a month!  I swear a little extra beef in their diets and good beer and they turn into raving BNO A- holics!

Next month is July 18th @ The Argus. BNO Men are clamoring for a Memorial Union Terrace run.

Stay tuned for further developments and remember to always make it clear:  Your windshield, cash in your wallet, a smile on your face, do 2-3 good deeds a day and rate the beef and drink the beer!

Get this*****A suggestion form Dieter Dan, bring a few extra bucks and let’s start a collection for a donation for a charity TBD…We can and will make a difference rating Burgers and reshape the world!

BNO Bob~

The Merchant Cracks the Top 5

BNO Merchant 18The Merchant was great! A new player in the top Five. 4th place, wow! 20 brave BNO men attended. A good time was had by all!
Great service, amazing quantities, and not one but two attentive servers.

Monkeyshines is June 20th. Remember to make it clear, rate the beef and drink the beer!
Only respond if you are coming Ok?

Overall an 8.8 score.


BNO Merchant 16 BNO Merchant 13 BNO Merchant 6 BNO Merchant 4 BNO Merchant 3


On April 18th we attended Namios behind the Oak Bank by Seminole and PD! Great service and a total of 17 hungry beefy guys drank too much beer and had Namios burgers!  Score was 7.59 and we had a blast.  It was accented by the 45 minute interview that morning with Doug Moe!  He will attend!

Overall an 7.59 score.


Fieler’s sans BNO Bob

photoBNO Bob went to Palo Alto, CA to the Dutch Goose in Menlo Park for his burger for spring break.  Meanwhile back in Mad Town, 10 brave men wandered into Fielers for a March 28th rating of 8.13.  Brian had a tuff time with Winter predictions and refused to be in the picture that Brian Stain “Scotty Miller snapped!”  Jonathon told Scott 105.5 MMM is better than 94.9 and marked his burger a 1/2 point higher!  Ah competition

Many thanks to Gerry Boris for taking role and scores while BNO Bob missed his first ever Burger Nite!  Heck Brett Favre had to break his consecutive games played too.  Mine went to #63!

Good times and great beer.

See you April 18th next month at Namios near PD and Seminole in Fitchburg!

Overall an 8.13 score.


Reverend Jim’s Roadhouse

IMG955227We had a great showing of 12 BNO men!  Michelle our waitress netted a T Shirt for her great service & cool pitchers of  beer!  We had Two newbies and they were stingy with their scores.  Fun night!

Overall an 8.15 score.

Mark your calendars for March 28th, 6PM.  We’ll be at Fieler’s next to The Home Depot!


BNO Men Huddled Around the Bonfyre

photoHi Guys our 61st stop was at Bonfyre. Soft lights, loud conversation and meaty BNO men ushered in only an 8.0 score. A nice crowd of nine BNO men had Sara working hard.

Can’t wait till ya join us:
Feb 21st at Reverend Jim’s Roadhouse.  That’s Thursday, at 6pm.

Save the date!


Final Score: 8.00

D is for December and D Lux

20121206_192644As the Jersey Boys sang it, “Oh What a Night” Late December temp. was 43, what a very special burger for me! As I remember oh what a D Lux!

2012 is now in the books!  24 gents sampled the D Lux turning in five low scores of 8.0 and four high scores of 9.5!  Nothing marked below an 8.0!

We had lots of fun and even a beer spilled on our newest BNO man (YAW)!  Overall the score was 9.08,  a brand new Third place recipient!

Mark you calendars for January 19th at the BOBFIRE… ok Bonfire.

Final Score: 9.08

The Eagles Crest

6 BNO men rode the roundabouts to The Eagles Crest for a clear night of burgers and beer. Eagles Crest netted a 7.25 score and without a doubt the biggest burgers we have come across, Terra our waitress shown in picture with Gerry Boris insists that size really does matter!

Next month a switch 12/6 at D-Lux be there!

Final Score: 7.25

A Trip to 1855

Joey did a great job for our group. The 1855 Saloon and Grill scored an #8.43. The BNO boys had good beer and burgers were nice! Once a month we made it clear!

Final Score: 8.43

Where’s Wando’s….? In 7th place.

Wow and you all thought we were drinking Wando Fish Bowl concoctions! No some Gumballhead, Spotted Cow and Capital Amber.   We were  nursed nicely by Nikki and we needed a nice score and knew we were knuckleheads, but burgers can can be needy so we nestled our necks and thought we were being given noodles and nachos, but none the less-we got excellent burgers that were the nectar of the Night!  Neat huh?

An #8.6 overall score and they moved into 7th place- narrowly!

Stay tuned for next month. We might change our start time to a half hour ahead of time, to be sure to get any Packer fans home in time for a kickoff against:  Da Bears at 7:20pm.  Stay tuned for more details.  BNO Bob Out~

Final Score: 8.6

‘Lucky’s Cracks the top 10

BNO Beef eaters, last night at Lucky’s, Dan Dieter told me he was going to pick up the tab.  It never happened!

BUT, you guys bought my meal and we set a new regular attendance record.  A table for 23!  Lucky’s rated a wonderful 8.5!

Lisa and Whitney were fantastic with their service and I cannot thank you all enough for coming out and joining the good CLEAR fun.

What’s that?  Clear?

Next month might be at Ron Curran’s, stay tuned for date and time and what to bring~

Thank you for you support and love!

Final Score: 8.50

The Green Lantern

Last night, seven BNO men braved the rolling waters of Lake Waubesa!  No perfect ten this time; but the Green Lantern and our waitress, Sherry, served us up some good burgers.

Ron Curran was penalized for showing up late and many BNO Guys did some serious lying.  WHAT’S NEW????

Special thanks to Jonathon for coming to BNO and taking the picture, but a little harsh to have to pay you $5.00 from each of us for the photo rights!
Final Score: 7.72

A.J.’s Was Anything but a Bomb

Nine BNO Men braved the peanuts on the floor and the overhead peanut Bombs at the A.J. BOMBERS last month!  Meagan was our waitress and knocked us out with GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!~*

A High score of 9.25 and a low of 6.5.  And gents, I was not the high scored this time!  Overall a solid 8.5 rating for the 53rd BNO stop.  Nice Place, nice people, good burgers!  Al paid an extra $20.00 for a photo opp!

Final Score: 8.50

Seven Strong at the Brother’s Three

Seven brave men visited the hallowed halls of the Fair Oaks ICON Burger stop.  Chef Jimmy cooked us up a mean burger!  Jane our waitress was very good to us and we all had a nice time!  Overall score 8.0!

Can I make it any clear, rate the beef and drink da BEER!

Final score:  #8.00

The Draft House took darn near perfect care of us!

We had three new guys, John Killinger, Dan Consigny, and Howard Crook join us and we had #11 total guys! Great service, pretty good burgers and Holly our waitress knocked herself out with smiles and plenty of beer suds.   A high score of #9.1 and a low of #6.0.  Always a great job by everyone…..#51 places strong now!

Larry the Limo guy flaked out…Brain Parks got mad because I was suppose to dress up like Elton John, but Tony “the hit man” Gray finally came back after doing many jobs for the FAMILY and we are glad he is on our side.

Hey Jeff Korenic-The Brothers Three Place is Handicap Accessible for your beer drinking right arm?????

Final score:  #7.93

50th BNO at Liliana’s

The Official 50th BNO capped off a gala evening with a great turnout of BNO attendees.  We established a new second place burger score and a record for total attendance  with #20 BNO Men on board!  Kimmie our waitress did a spectacular job, Chef David made an amazing burger:

“Grilled Black Angus tenderloin burger with shallot comfit, stilton cheese, and black truffle aioli with organic field greens, and roasted tomatoes.

Final Score: 9.09

Gang it is going to be a tough act for new places after we were totally spoiled by this!  Brian Olson weather man extraordinaire graced us and we had some newbies in the crowd:  Rick Herndon, Ward Dieter, Jim Adler.

Thanks to all of you for making it out- awards, good beer, lots of smiles and Ron Curran took photos of all of us.

See more BNO 50th photos here: <<50th BNO Pictures>>

The Silver Eagle

Well it was tense for a few moments.  I was with a pitcher of beer ALL by myself and at 6:10PM  it seemed that BNO Bob was going to be the only scorer :(

But the Silver Eagle came through when Limo Larry came, then Kettle Bell Kevin arrived, then Defibulator Dan Graf showed and the tall guy, Rick Vierstra made a medium rare cameo.  The Crowd was alive, the burger special only $4.99 & the Beer was cold and spotted, and the Silver Eagle netted a 8.26!

Not bad, our server Lauren was really good & ESPN In The Trenches was there doing a live broadcast.  It was a nice evening.  Please rest up your cholesterol levels men.  Make sure you mark you calendar for February 9th at Liliana’s in Fitchburg.  It will be our 50th!

Final Score: 8.26