Rate The Beef!


December at Grays in Verona # 112

Oh Olivia & Nicole they did an AMAZING job #8.6
Year end gathering with #23 guys 🙂



Gents I am uploading the 2017 list here and also emailing it again!



One quick note is that Double U will will scratched for Thirsty Goat.  My BNO son, Robby says, Dbl U is not worthy!


Oh Olivia!


Those of you that did not attend, the BNO Man Bob gave out year end goodies!


Some BNO lovers!


These guys are in the BARFIELD!


CEO Dan Stein of Second Harvest accepts the BNO check! $$$$$


So this Year we are $1500.00 as a goal!







Once month let’s make it clear, beef beer and good Cheer!


She earned all her 25% tip!














Thank you to all of you for a great year!  2106 was fun!  Ron Curran for your photos, Dan Dieter for your Second Harvest inspiration!  Brian Parks for all your lies, charlie your accounting skills and Bruce Moser too!




Will Todd Vernon return?


November in Sun Prairie it was not fun but scary!

BNO goes to Eddies Alehouse: Score low, service terrible, beer good! Burgers So So
Owner called in sick, staff was not ready for the BNO routine:

#17 BNO Attendees and a low low score of:  #5.75

We (BNO Bob) took our own orders/enough tables not saved for us/ wait time was disheartening/
this place made me very  angry!/ We made it through however!
Lots of wasted effort calling and emailing the owner and made me look bad!

Not a bar for a bigger group. I let owner know how we felt!  Well there is this Ying and Yang theory!


Brian Parks says GOOD BEER Howeverahhh!


These guys kept giving me the stink eye!About Eddies “flophouse”


Bar Flys


These guys got’s the Worlds 🌎 problems figured out!


Michael M liked being close to home!


The Nakoma Brain Trust!










The only shining grace was Brian Parks giving me good “Throttle the Owner feedback”, they had good beer!  He would not allow his full face to be shown however!



October at Cafe Hollander

BNO Strikes Again & this time we had #21 guys and a score of:

Tyler our waiter handled us with top notch TLC!  Somehow it was another birthday for me:)

NEXT UP *EDDIES ALEHOUSE IN SUN PRAIRIE~  Allow enough time to get there!

238 E Main Street    November 17    6:00pm


The Long Table of BNO Boyzzzz


New Guy Curt*


We are all over the place!


BNO Bob and Tyler


Actually #21 guys*


One fight broke out but Green Bay WON!



Rockhound was Awesome!

We did # 109!  And it was mighty fine~  #23 guys at the Rockhound 9/15/16!


Looking at another great spot Cafe Hollander #110!October 20th  and Important change is the start time!  We meet at 5:30 pm NOT 6pm!

 🏈 Packer Game ♥ is that night so, come and have a beer  🍻  and some beef & head home or stay there  & watch the Pack Score!


Great to know if you are coming ONLY!  TIME TO CONTACT BNO Bob



Little BNO King “Robby”


Some guys tell me they are coming!


Another year older


BNO Boys


Lots of fun at the HOUND!


A couple of Presbyterians!


Beaver Dam is the BOMB!

843-4584 img_3673 img_3674


Well Shiver meee timbers!  OH What a night for the annual gathering:

A major rainstorm, duck burgers, Sal’s Magnifico Burger, and Todd’s famous Blackhawk Burger.

Super service by Kay and Whitney and CHEF Todd hit a Grand Slam!

Twenty Two Men watched BNO Bob bring in another Birthday &  gather $$$158.00 bucks to shoot us towards our goal of a GRAND!  We now have $704 dollars as of Aug 18th.

NEXT MONTH Murphys Bar & Restaurant 5344 State Road 113 *It’s a hop skip and a jump from the Mendota State Mental Hospital where KC Lerner lives 🙂


Custom BBO Billing!


CQ1 afraid if the storm!


Another Scotch ALE Please


Look at that dark blue sky in the background!


Some BNO Boys


Kay and Whitney rocked it!


Thats Captain Kahn from Star Trek!


Plenty of room




Schmitty’s Study Pub a solid #8.2

BNO Fluno-10

Caitlyn delivers a thumbs up effort!

BNO Fluno-9

BNO Men chant their tune!

BNO Fluno-2

#12 guys made History

BNO Fluno-3

Nice place great customer service

BNO Fluno-5

Larry and Paul came late, we could not make them pay for the entire gig!

BNO Fluno-11

Spotted another place from the top of Schmittys

BNO Fluno-4

Once a month, lets make it clear: rate the beef and drink the beer!











Hi BNO team:  Bartender Collin and waitress Caitlyn, made our @106 GREAT!  They netted a 

#8.2  and this place came about on a LIMO run and me investigating an unique spot.




Blackhawk Country Club 7/21


BNO Bob 843-4584     bobbybear72@att.net


Ted Devitt Delivers A BLOCKBUSTER PERFORMANCE @ The Madison Blind


Super Nice place it was almost in a BLIND!

Hola my Friends!


Wow great View, Great Service, Great Food, Nice Beers, Fun BNO boyzzzz!  A #8.92 score, amidst A couple of crazed BNO bodies!

Austin and Aryanna delivered a Marvelous display of yummy Blind from the Madison Blind.  “It’s a god dam Gem in the city!”

Fun for BNO Bob with another birthday and Richard came in with  green shirt like a ROOKIE should!


KC spoils me! B day again! Thanks Guys

Next month is at the Fluno center, June 9th. We are still trying to push the Aug 10th Brewers game!

BNO Bob to work on summer patio places and pitchers of beer!

Blackhawk Country Club and patio beer joints are in the hopper!


R.J.’s Dad (Richard) joined us and he was like his son, a “shocking addition”


Ted lost a arm wrestling to BNO Bob


All Thumbs up


Had a 0perfect #10 form Dan Anderson


Great Service!












Next Up Schmitty’s study Pub 6-9-16  Be there or be square!

This Thursday I have these guys for 6pm:
BNO Bob, Peter, Jim A, Bruce, Erik, Dbld D, Bob Emm, Paul Tiz, Dan C, Ron C , Eric Grieb
Hi Here is your hall pass list:

6-9 Schmitty’s Study pub
7-14 WayPoint Public House
***July *** Date to be discussed for Blackhawk Country Club/BCC
8-18 Murphy’s off State Road #113
9-15 Rockhound Brew pub off Park & Drake Streets
10-20 Cafe Hollandale in Hilldale Shopping Center
11-17 Eddies Alehouse Sun Prairie
12-1 Grays in Verona End of the year gig!

Second Harvest goal $1,000
(Currently @ $430 BNO Bucks)

BNO Bob 843-4584 bobbybear72@att.net

Working on 2017 Men!

Paoli,Hop Cat, Paul’s Club, Genna’s Lounge, Karben 4, House of Brews, Octopi Brewing, BluCreek Brewing, Fauerbach Brewing, MobCraft, Cross Plains Beer, Granite City,

BNO reaches for visit #105

Two Items to Note:

May 5th Thursday 6pm “The Madison Blind”


August 10th BNO brewers Game $50.00 per person can you tell me if your interested?

HI its BNO time and Baseball time?????

Hello, Next Thursday (5/5 @ 6:00pm at the Madison Blind, we are going to take on “Cinco De Mayo”)
*601 Langdon Street, best to park in the Lake Street ramp next to the Brat house off Francis and walk up! In your case Brian Park ~ WAKE UP!

I need you to respond ONLY if you are IN & Attending????

Larry the Limo Man has a special Offer: August 10th

Can I also get a gut reaction how many might be interested in going????????

BNO Bob ~Please send a message out to the BNO group. For our 1st annual Brewer outing. It will be on Wednesday August 10th the game is at 7:10 PM vs the Atlanta Braves.

The cost including the game ticket and the transportation will be $35.00 per person. We would probably leave from one pick up location maybe the Park N Ride at Hwy 51 & Stoughton Road.

*BNO Bob here, saying Peter Anderson can make beer and total package would cost you $50.00 BUCKS $$$$$$$$????????

Departing @ 3:00 PM. (That could change) Let’s see how many guys are interested in going.

Thanks and have a great day!

Gallant Knight Limousine, Inc.
608-242-7000 (Office)
608-242-7185 (Fax)


Karsten rocked it and gave us SUPER DUPER service! Only a #7.735 score

Manager Dennis Brewer welcomed us with open arms!  #17 guys

Manager Dennis Brewer welcomed us with open arms! #17 guys

Up Coming BNO 3/10/2016

Hey BNO guys, It’s almost time to rate the beef and drink the Boots!
3/10/2016 Room only for #20, first come first IN~ Respond only if you can attend:

We offer 26 different tap beers including select German imports and local microbrews. Our selection is constantly changing to reflect the diversity of the craft beer movement.
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out our extensive bottled beer list for even MORE craft brew and import options!
Updated on 2/17/2016.
ADDRESS: 508 East Wilson St.
Madison, WI 53703
Any tap beer in our 2 liter glass boot for $17T-Shirt Challenge! Down 3 of our famous boots of beer and win an official Boot n’ Rally shirt you can wear with pride.

BNO Bob 843-4584 or email me at bobbybear72@att.net

Got a hot new place for us to try? email me Pleazzzzz   

BNO The Burgers and the weather are HOT!

BNO with BOB! Turns out Bruce had to celebrate a birthday while I was in Mexico.

Missed you guys! #7.94 at Funks and $71 bucks to Second Harvest!

Up Next March 10th at The Comeback In~ I was there Saturday 2/27 to stake out the place!
*We are going to limit the seating agin to #20!
6:00pm March 10th Thursday, Are you IN? Repsond only if you are coming please!