Rate The Beef!


BNO #135 Schwoeglers! 🎯🎳🎳🍟🍻🍔

Hello and November gets us closer to the end of 2018!  Colder weather apron us!


We had a great time and a gathering of #17 guys! 🏈🍺🍟🍔  We drank beers out of the old glass DIME tap Glasses!!!!!!!

Score #8 Solid performance by Rachael, ONLY $20.00 PER GUY!  GET THIS PAUL RECKWIDTH PUMPED IN $ 50 big BUCKS! $$$$$$$$ 

Regular collection was $162 dollars, Paul could not attend but offered up a GRANT 💵

Season ending total:  $1,862 dollars to Second Harvest!




Next Month??

Very Nice BNO GUYS!

Raffle winner Paul Bishop

Rachael was not bowling, but serving us BNO guys!

Another Year older KC spoiled me with birthday balloons and Chunky Cheese Gift Card!🎂🍰🎯💚💯🎁




Bear and Bottle BNO Stop #134

BNO goes to Schwoegler’s next month Nov 15th at 6pm


Bear and Bottle had #22 guys and Eva handled us all very beautifully!

We collected $150 bucks to add to the $1500 we had in the bank!

Score was #7.4 and good times thanks to Paul Reckwith’s and his funny groucho glasses!


Thanks for all that attended!:

Eva and BNO Classic Bob

Can you spot Groucho?

Handsome guy

Lots of BNO Loosers!

We did not catch her name but she turned lots of heads at the BNO tables!


BNO Moves Into September + # 133 at Mickeys on Willie Street!

Lot’s of Youth there!

Amber was GREAT

New BEE Craig Willie

Two CUBS fans??

New BEE Craig Willie and Old guys

Man we had a great time and lots of fun as usual!  #15 guys attended and the service was great!  Amber was fantastic with her tablet!


SCORE WAS :  #8.65 that was up from #8.45 in 9/11/2009

Yes we were there a way long time ago!



Two Newbees attended Sterling Knoche and Craig Willie!  Craig sang the BNO time PERFECTLY!


Next Month it’s Bear and Bottle   October 11th  6:00pm

BNO marks #132 in Sun Prairie at Willie Ty’s

Erik does great customer service!

I had toy listen to Kettle Bell Kevin boast about how much he can Kettle bell!

Some handsome BNO guys and NEWBEE Geoff Sandler!

BNO Boys swilling Beer

Newbee Paul Turpin is way to serious but like Charlie stories!

Pretty sweet burgers!

Charlie drafted Paul T for $146K and a signing bonus!








WILLIE TY’S Has exceptional burgers, beer selection just so,so
Eric and Shane were the BEST!

#15 guys and it was a haul to get out there, but nice time had by all!
Too many PAULS again! Paul Reckworth, Paul Bishop, Paul Turpin and Paul Epstein:)



So $130.00 added to second Harvest!  NEXT UP MICKEYS ON WILLIE STREET 9/6!



BNO Makes another historic Stop at the Blackhawk Country Club

Hi since this was not a planned stop at the midway point of last year, we scored it:


Chef Todd KNOCKED it out of the park again!


Great service from Gavin, Hannah and Melissa!  $30 per guy

a bit sticky with the weather.  Those who did not come SURE missed out.  WHAT A VIEW!


July 5th is The Nitty Gritty West off Gammon Road,  6pm


Love all the BNO love!  $164 dollars added to the existing  $1,036 for a new total of:

$1,200 beans!


Some crazes on the seating closest to you in this picture!

Bailey wanted a BNO hug

Hannah on the left, Melissa on the right! + BNO Bob is doing it just right!

Really handsome guys in the foreground!

Double D (Dan Dieter) wining the raffle prize and also was out host or reason we are there! Thanks DD

Ale Asylum hosts the #130!

WOW such good beers and some super service too!  That Glenn sure can throw a party!

The SCORE was:  #  8.25



Score was #7.79 and Gabby grabbed all the attention from Michael the waiter!

We have $850 bucks in Second Harvest Now!


We had a great spot for only #9 guys!  Fun However….Brian Parks sure can talk!  


Now its AA Time 6/7 and then BCClub on 6/28!



Jim had a belated 72nd B Day Drink

Gabby was easy on the eyes!👀👀👀


And KC Lerner showed up without and RSVP   Imagine That?

BNO logs in #129 at The Double U!

Wow moving into 2018 with a bang!  NEXT MONTH JUNE 7TH AT ALE ASYLUM 6PM!


We have $850.00 bucks for SECOND HARVEST Now!

Small crowd on May 17th at The Double U  (ONLY #9 guys)  but the BNO men who did not attend

MISSED Gabby’s break dancing and lip sync of Taylor Swift’s song.”Bob’s a Burger Man! Shake It Off~”
Score was #7.79 the night was GRAND out on the their deck!  $78 dollars collected for Charity!


Number #129 The Double U

Jim Adney did celebrate his #72nd!

Eat your hearts out guys! Gabby was classy~


BNO Hits #127 Players Sports Bar and Grill

On March 22nd, THE BNO Boys went to Players and found a Diamond in the ruff!

We had #20 guys signed up and netted a SHOWING of only #15 BNO Men:


Wendy was the best!

Brian Parks is always HIGH! Kerry Martin puts up with him! Nice place gray time and burger was GOOD1

Also collected $155.00 for second Harvest New total is $596 bucks!

NEXY Month is WISCO Not Double U on April 19th!   6pm BNO is the Way to go!

Kettle Bell Kevin Williams came out of the O Zone finally!

Burger Night Out HITS #126 at Sconnie Bar

The former Lucky’s is now SCONNIE Bar:  Way back in the early Paleogene, Neogene Quaternary Quaterpounder periods, we saw on June 26th, 2012 #20 guys rate the burgers 

  This updated visit on 02/08/2018 came full circle 🔵

with a score of :     #8.4!

Eight years into the BNO culture and amazing how we can go back to  different

place with a new name & have so darn much fun!🍔🍻🍟🍺


Now March is a interesting deal ♠♥♣♦, we have room for only #20 guys so first come first serve on this place.  That date is March 22nd 2018.  Same time 6:00pm so think ahead!  Its Players Sports Bar and Grill.

$127 was added and now we roll with $441.13!

The second raffle this year is Steve Ploch!

White shirt Larry got out of all administrative work!

I think Steve K has a good idea for Joe K!

Brian Parks of course is talking smack!

Nice private digs the Andrew and Sconnie provided for us!