Rate The Beef!

BNO goes into April FOOLS Day 4/1 ahead of the scheduled 4/8 date. BNO Bob has hip surgery that day, had to move it up!

Chef Riley and Cody made some incredible Burgers for the BNO gang. Initially, the only burger on their menu was “Build your own”. I spoke to a very KOOL guy “GM HOLLYWOOD” and he said they would make an additionally special burger.

WOW what a surprise when we learned we had #7 to choose from:

This beautiful lady: “AMANDA” was and is easy on the eyes 🎯🥇🙋‍♀️ and was so fun and professional! BNO gang would like to make this a summer stop like Blackhawk with it’s outdoor rooftop and specialized relationship with the staff!


Jim Sniff won a BNO car shade, & Glenn #!1 got the bottle of wine. Jeff Barfield and Steve Kuhn scored chocolate rabbits. BNO Bob provided milk chocolate covered marsh mellow eggs. What a great time.

Next month The Stamm House will have a tuff ACT to follow! 5/20 6pm Middleton.

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