Rate The Beef!


Wow lots of faces we have not seen for a long time showed up!

Cris Bissell and waitress Jada and Alexa started us out on the roof top and then rain came down, so we went down to the BIG Room~

Score was #8.09 and $191 collected for Second Harvest. Our balance was $447.00 and now we have $638.00 in the kitty.🐱

Big winners on the raffles. Jim Simpson, Jim Adney, Jeff Barfield and his Father and Law “Gordon Lightfoot”. Mike Mergener latched onto the famous bottle of red wine!

Great place and we notched the highest per person expense~ next to a major gathering. $38.00 per

Next month we have two stops in July.

The Na Ti Gal 7/15 has no restriction of number of guys, but at the end of

July……. on 7/29 @ The Tipsy Cow *we can only have #20 guys max. So get your name into me…..Mike M. has the first name notched of course next to me! He is pushing the lamb burger~

Who Is In the 7/15 at Nau Ti Gal. 6:00pm?

Who wants to be Kool for Tipsy 7/29 at 6:00pm?

You guys are lucky…I misplaced the Hop Haus pictures. However: Jeff’s Father n Law is shown!

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