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MIDTOWN PUB and BNO hits # 179.

A ruff start to this place, we had our well planned visit almost thwarted by a slip up and the place cancelling us! We had our guys scout out our own tables. Turned out pretty GOOD!

Mid Town did a good job with their burger, SCORE #8.84, $178 added to second harvest, had two very lovely ladies learn of our quest, Sara and Dawn: Very easy on the eyes and……They each put in $10 bucks to Second Harvest: HOW ABOUT THAT~ They made up for the confusion at Mid Town.

Sara and Dawn told us of a new place too- in Windsor!

November it’s: The Green Lantern 11/17 at 6pm

Tom Binger and Georgia ! 💃
Sara on the left and Dawn on the right! Special guests~
Thats Erik R hiding behind Kevin and Glenn looks like he needs a vacation!
Erik’s happy Im spelling his name right! Jim Adney plays lead guitar for the Moody Blues!
Two incredible salesmen!
Captan Cash and the Glenn #1!
The three Musketeers, Charlie almost took over for Paul Christ!
Al Parker looking dapper and Paul T mad at me / for making him add up scores!

BNO Bob is working hard on 2023’s schedule!🗓.

BNO Bob 608-843-4584. bobbybear72@att.net


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