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BNO hits #183 with OLLIES!

Well they are removing BNO bob from figuring out the amount due for the FOOD bill since he messed that up, and sorry to say I also added up the scores incorrectly adding a high #9 at the end, Ollies hit a HIGH of 9.11. Sorry a human mistake by the LEADER!

#15 guys made it and we made everyone pay $40 each until Scully finally woke up and put in his share!

$265.00 for Second Harvest :)! That’s adding to our current balance of $242.00! New total is $507 in the Kitty!

A few guys are doing Second Harvest Volunteering 3/14 TOO!

Net month, Athens Grill in Westport. 3/16 at 6PM

Special note that we had such great service at Ollies and. perfect score of a #10 from a BNO MAN! Lo’s of high scores, lowest was an #8.5, the High a #10! (#118.35 total points)

Great photographs, Hope Bob Lucas’ blood pressure comes back down to earth!


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